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(Story 1 Page 305) Vaporeon

The genie appears and says "You are becoming a vaporeon. To determine your gender and amount of humanity reaming beyond here lies 8 doors"

"4 will make you male and the other 4 female"

"4 will only change the bottom part of your body. The other 4 both"

"4 will put you onto 4 legs the other 4 only 2"

"The numbers in the Fibonacci sequence that aren't repeated will not change your number of legs"

"The first 2 of each half will change both your upper and lower body"

"There is a 1 in 4 chance that if you go through one of the 1st 4 or an even number you will becomeremain female"

"Primes have an equal change of changing your gender as not changing it"

"Finally numbers that are a power of another number have 2 male doors among them."

"So what are you going to choose"

Written by An Anonymous Author on 15-10-2006 and edited by catprog

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