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(Story 1 Page 1325) At her home

...but maybe you were just feeling sick from the weather. When you opened your eyes again, you were somehow dry, wearing a new set of clothes. You sat at the table in Tanya's kitchen--it was a small, meager kitchen with minimal lighting. In front of you was a large pizza with all your favorite toppings, and Tanya set a tall glass of your favorite drink in front of you. "You're awake," she said, even more monotone than before. Her eyes looked glazed over, and you were starting to feel uneasy. Your head was hurting, and you weren't sure why.

Your senses were telling you to run, but your body was heavy, so heavy. Your stomach growled as the delicious smell of pizza filled your nostrils. Just one bite wouldn't hurt...right? You decided to go against your better judgement in favor of your stomach's pleading and took a bite of pizza. "I'm so happy you came..." Tanya spoke in an almost ghastly voice, but you were sure it was just your imagination. You were a normal, boring person with a normal, boring life. You shouldn't ever expect any danger to come your way.

But why oh why was that pizza making your head spin so?

Yet, it was delicious--so delicious that you wanted another bite. Another. Another. It was strangely addicting, almost frighteningly so. You ate and ate and ate until your stomach was full, and by the time you finished your head felt like it was going to twist right off. "...I wanted you to join our family," said Tanya. "I always wanted a sister. Won't you" Her voice became deeper, almost like a growl. You lifted your heavy, aching head. Your vision was blurred, but you could see two furry ears prick up from underneath her thick, orange hair.

You gasped quietly, then noticed a long, furry, brown-and-orange striped tail snaking out from underneath her jeans to touch your hand. She made a purring sound as she pat your head, smiling, revealing sharp fangs as her eyes changed, becoming more catlike as she stared at you. "My new sister...will... be... you..."

Surely this was a nightmare. Tanya seemed to transform into a half-cat half-woman creature right before your eyes. But it was so real, so real. Yet her words were too strange to be reality--after all, you were a man. It didn't matter anymore. Your head was so heavy, and you were starting to feel tired. So, so tired. Maybe you should sleep? When you woke up, you'd probably be at home with your head asleep on the keyboard. So why not give in? You should just sleep. Sleep...

"It's time for you to sleep now..." Tanya said, patting your head, her furry tail covering your eyes. Almost immediately, you felt yourself fall forward onto the table. Your body and senses were numb. A second later, you were asleep again. Your dreams were cold, dark and empty--this wasn't unusual for you, but this time it felt...wrong. Something was definitely...wrong.

But no matter how hard you tried, you could not wake up. It'll all be okay when you do, won't it?

Somehow, you weren't so sure anymore.

Written by Merieth on 09-02-2018 and this page is yet to be reviewed

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Ilustrated by Merieth
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