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(Story 1 Page 1153) ANTHRO GIRL PEGASUS

Feeling your body break through the air, the wind brushing against your fur, the liberty of the skies… it awakens something within your unquiet heart. Taking a deep breath through your big nostrils and filling your beastly lungs with air for what seems like the first time in forever, you tense your wings and position yourself downwards, tackling the wind head on. With a soft curve that comes naturally, you now find yourself soaring through the skies with incredible ease.

Unfortunately, just when you think things are starting to go your way, another mysterious jolt of both searing agony and heavenly pleasure travels through you, causing your short fur to stand on end. Your muscular shape begins to thin ever so gently, yet your chest swells further than ever. Your hips follow afterwards, leaving you with a tasteful hourglass shape as your mammaries round up nicely in your hands. You squeak with a mildly softer voice than you recall as your junk retracts into your abdomen with a wet noise, joy coursing through your form while it reshapes itself into a girl’s. You bite your lower lip, driven dangerously close to breaking point as your hands reach down without your consent, but before you can further degrade yourself, the sight of fellow flying horses catches your eyes.

Written by Diethyl on 30-11-2016 and this page is yet to be reviewed

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