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“Ugh... What happened?” Dan’s eyes fluttered open only to see his friends across the room. Everyone hunched close together, playing a game of cards. Trying to stand, Dan suddenly stumbled back onto the carpeting. Something felt off. Instantly, instinct told him that something wasn’t right with his body.


His eyes dropped, and suddenly, his breath caught in his throat. His eyes landed on something her certainly couldn’t explain away and he didn’t know how to take it all in. As he looked down at his body splayed across the carpet, he saw not the average lanky body of a youthful male human with his two legs stretched out towards one wall away from him and his arms resting lazily on his chest.


Instead though, he saw the body of a horse. Four legs, all tipped to the side and cast in a glimmering white fur splayed out from the wide mid section of the torso, of his torso? Dan couldn’t even process the sight, but when he twitched his leg, one silvery hoof moved in response. When he began to try to stand, the two back legs of the horse in his vision began to shift and grapple with the ground.


“What did that drink do to me?”


His eyes shifted across the room only to catch his reflection in a dusty mirror mounted beside him. He stared into his own eyes, the familiar hues of his own gaze, but set into the long face of a horse. He blinked, tipping his head as he realized, mounted atop his forehead sat a woven, glisten pearlescent horn.


“A unicorn?”


“There’s no way this is even real!” he thought to himself, searching out his friends where they sat in the corner of the room, playing a game of cards with none of the usual fan fare or excitement, but only silent companionship. He stared at them, then back at the glistening brightness of the horn atop his head. Nothing added up. It wasn’t right.


He’s baffled, but realizes he has to do something with this. Should he confront his friends since they were here? They gave him the drink! But his friend were here, they let this happen. Maybe it’s not best to go to them again. This is freaky, he should just get out. Flee

Written by Picklessauce69 on 24 April 2016

Both Confront Them
Both Flee

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