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In a room star star star star halfstar


The sign reads

"Welcome all new travellers.


To continue you must go through a series of doors.


After going through you will pick a costume. You will then become a half- human and half that creature.


After a week(100 mins a hour,20 hrs a day,10 days a week) has passed you may morph and get another costume. To start of with you will only be able to become 40% human to 60% human.


If you put on a costume you will then become that creature, be teleported to it's home town and have to wait a week before being able to morph.


After 50 costumes you may change into one of your other costumes and become 30% to 70% human. When changing costumes you must wait at least an hour before you can change costumes again.


100 different species/gender costumes allows you to gender-morph and become 20% to 80% human


200 different species costumes allows you to combine costumes and become 10% to 90% human


400 different species costumes allows you to return to your world with no more morphing


And 800 different species costumes makes a polymorph and allows you to morph outside of this world.


Also if you have a costume like a centaur then the human part will always be human and is counted towards the human percentage.


Any gender/species transformation magic of yours can only change your gender(if you have at least 100 costumes) and the animal part to a different animal.


When you change into a different costume (that you already have) you may teleport to that species home town but you will have the week penalty where you have no costume changes.


If you die while wearing a costume you will be reborn at the local inn (or appropriate location ). If you have more then 100 costumes you will lose the costume you had when you died and go to an appropriate place for your next costume.


If you fail to make it out in 100 years(100 weeks in a year) one of your possible forms will be chosen and you will be permanently stuck in that form(apart from magic) until you die. Also there will be no possibility of going back to your world.


Also, one final note: should you take a female form and become pregnant, you won't be able to change your gender until the child is born, though the other aspects of your form may change (the child will change to match.) That is all, and good luck!

You realise that you have to do what the sign said to do and go through the doors and grab a costume.


Alternatively you could use the key system to determine the room


Please type in a number 1 - 18


Number 1:
Number 2:
Number 3:


Illustrated by catprog

Written by Catprog on 11 February 2004

Water Creatures star star halfstar emptystar emptystar


You find yourself in what appears to be a glass room deep in the ocean.


The stairs are blocked by a force field.


You realise you have to go through one of the three dark blue doors numbed 1,2 & 3.


What door do you want?

Illustrated by catprog

Written by Catprog on 11 February 2004

Normal Water star star halfstar emptystar emptystar


You go through the door.


All of a sudden it slams shut and with no handle on this side it appears that you are stuck.


There are two more doors however and both of them have a sign on them saying

Costume room for
Element: Water
Type: Normal
Gender: ????

So which door do you want

Illustrated by catprog

Written by Catprog on 26 February 2004

Female Normal Water star star halfstar emptystar emptystar

You go through the door.


All of a sudden it slams shut and with no handle on this side it appears that you are stuck.


There are five costumes in this room, all of them female, all of them are normal water creatures.


  • Shark
  • Tuna
  • Dugong

Written by Catprog on 26 February 2004

JAWS! emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You take the shark costume. The costume's tightness forces you to strip, then put the costume on. The costume comes with a swimsuit, which you put on overtop it.


No sooner have you done this than you feel a tingling sensation throughout your body.


The you feel your skin disappearing as you begin to feel what the costume is touching. The costume's tail and muzzle fill out as your spine and face extend. Your toes vanish, replaced with slipper-like feet. Your teeth fall out, replaced by sharper ones. A series of slits open on your neck. You realize that they are gills.


Now you are an anthropomorphic shark.


With the changes complete, you look at your clothes. A bag sits in their place. The bag appears watertight. You look inside it. There you see your clothes. Further examination finds that your clothes are now adapted for your new shark form. One thing that didn't belong to you is a bracelet. Not sure what to make of it, you put it on. It looks quite handsome on you.


Zipping up the bag, you glance at the door. You find that you can open it, but it no longer leads where it led earlier. It leads to a small room with another door at the end.


As soon as you enter the room, the door shuts behind you, and the room begins to fill with water. At first you panic, but then you remember your gills. Breathing underwater for the first time, you try opening the door you came in. No luck.


You try the other door. It opens, leading out into what looks like an underwater environment. It is a very expansive coral reef.


To the left, you see the seafloor slopes upward, indicating that the shoreline is close by. To the right, you see a gloomy mass. It looks like it could be a shipwreck.


You swim out of the room, wondering where you wish to go.

Written by on 10 September 2014

Maybe the shipwreck holds something interesting... emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You decide to head to the shipwreck. Perhaps it holds something of interest...


As you go on your way, you feel a tingling sensation, on a whim, you try to mentally encourage this feeling. You soon see your legs getting stubbier and stubbier until all that's left of them is a pair of fins on your tail. Your swimsuit changes to accommodate this. You try willing your legs back, and sure enough, they reappear.


You decide to continue your journey without legs. You won't need them while in water this deep. You feel a little like a mermaid when like this. You remember that you could become anything from 40-60% human while in your first costume. This must be how that ability manifests itself.


You finally reach the shipwreck. You find that it is...

Written by on 11 September 2014

The end (for now)

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