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The following day you find yourself back at the abandoned mills, laughing to yourself about the history of this location, the number of inside jokes shared among your peers. You spend your day being lazy and playing with random rocks you find on the ground, you turn them in your hands as you take a moment to appreciate the simple things in life. The dilapidating rooftop above you clatters in the wind as you look out to the forest merely meters away from the collapsed entrance of the shack.
Dust kicking up as your feet shuffle around the concrete floor of the space, you once again notice a second set of shoes walking down a similar path as yours. Something in your gut feels uncomfortable; rocks fall to the ground behind you. You jump as you hear a voice call out from behind you.
“Hello?” The voice of a young man rings out from behind you, spinning around with the help of the dusty floors you kick up a cloud of dust around your feet as you spin quickly around.
“It’s you!” a dark haired squirrel in a red unbuttoned button up. Your memory floods back to the uncomfortable writing and scribe duo.
“That’s him…” You think to yourself, slightly dropping your guard, as you can assume, “Maybe in this universe we’re friends.
“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you!” He says excitedly, looking you up and down as though to check if you’ve been physically hurt. “I went to your parents’ house the other day but they said you were out of town for a while.” There’s a kind of familiarity to his voice as he addresses you as if you two are lovers.
Your apprehension begins to show and the other squirrell can notice that. He looks at you confused.
“Hey what’s the matter?” You search your memory for who this person can be, though you recall yourself not being allowed to date in high school. “Did something happen while you’re gone? You look to the stranger and you decide that this one would be a bit too difficult to improvise your way out of this situation. You decide to come clean
You and the stranger find yourself sitting by the same place you had been the previous day, you open up to him about the outfits and following a mini life crisis, he decides to help you. Something about this individual seems trustworthy, he is technically your boyfriend according to your mother..
You hurry home tonight, having lost track of time, unbeknownst to what awaits at home. When you arrive, both parents are waiting by the door for you. They’ve found out through the school that you’ve been skipping class. The angry couple send you upstairs to bed early, and forcing you to attend school everyday plus detention. This doesn’t bother you, as you have already planned on meeting your friend in the school courtyard to discuss and execute your plan.

Written by Driftingdragon on 15 December 2019

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