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The transformation starts at your hands, which are the first to morph into paws. The bones in your fingers start to fuse together, the skin growing thick and covered in soft fur. Your fingernails recede, replaced by black paw pads. You try to move your hands, but they feel strange and foreign.


Next, your nose starts to twitch and elongate, becoming a more pronounced snout. You feel your sense of smell become sharper and more acute, as your vision starts to shift, becoming more attuned to detecting movement and changes in light. Your ears grow larger and pointier, moving up to the top of your head. You can now hear the faintest rustle of leaves and the slightest flutter of wings.


Your spine twists and curves as your torso starts to morph, your hips widening and your waist narrowing. Your legs lengthen and straighten, and your feet start to shift into paws. You feel a surge of panic as you lose your sense of balance, but as you take a few tentative steps, you realize that you can walk on two legs just fine. You feel more nimble and agile than ever before, like a creature built for speed and grace. As your arms elongate, your hands transform somewhat into paws as well, and you lose some of the ability to grasp objects with your fingers.


As the transformation continues, you feel a strange sensation building in your chest. At first, you're not sure what it is, but then you realize that your chest is starting to swell and grow. You look down and see your nipples becoming more prominent, as your chest takes on a more feminine shape. You feel a twinge of panic as you realize what's happening, but then a sense of calm washes over you. You've always felt like you were meant to be female, and now it seems like fate has finally given you what you've always wanted.


The growth of your chest continues until you have a pair of small breasts that match the form of a female Vulpix. You feel them jiggling slightly as you walk, their weight and shape adding to your newfound sense of femininity. You marvel at how soft and plush they feel, and how they fit perfectly with the rest of your body.


Your face starts to shift, becoming more fox-like with a snout, pointed ears, and a fur covering. Your eyes become more rounded, and your pupils narrow into slits. You look at yourself in the mirror and see a completely different person staring back at you. You're no longer human but an anthropomorphic Vulpix.


You look around, and you're no longer in your bedroom. Instead, you're in the world of Pokemon. You see other Pokemon walking around, and trainers wandering by. You're amazed and overwhelmed at the same time.

Written by ChatGPT on 25 February 2023

The end (for now)

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