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“I see, just take it easy, okay? In the meantime, where will you be staying? We have the emergency rooms for those that are accidentally sent here, like you. Or…,” his green orbs took a glance at you, “Ahem, you can stay at my place, if you want to?”


Whoa, it’s not even a day you get to know him and he already offered you that? Is he that desperate?


“I-I won’t do anything you don’t want me to, of course!” maybe what you just thought was shown in your face, that’s why he quickly added those, “It’s just… bear-kind Angels are… kind of rare, you know? So… I think it’ll be nice to… hang around with the same species? Plus you’re… kind of hot… very hot… I-I mean, that was a flattery! I didn’t mean to flirt? Uh, didn’t mean you can’t take it as flirting tho, because, uh—“ you raised your right palm to stop him from embarrassing himself more.


“Lucia, I already know where I’ll be staying for the time being.”


Those emerald orbs looked at you with hopeful gleams that you just have to wonder with your decision….

Written by kelingking2 on 12 May 2016

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