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After much debate, you proceed to enter though the Pokeball engraved door. There is a brief flash of light, engulfing your senses as you enter through. Eventually, your sight returns and you find yourself in the middle of a garden. Or perhaps it is a young forest. As you take a few steps to observe your surroundings closer, you can see buildings in the background. A metal bar barricade surrounds you. Pokemon and humans run all around you underneath a great blue sky. Based on your experience with pokemon in the past, you appear to find yourself inside a contemporary world of Pokemon. Whether it is based on the television show, the video games, or something else entirely, you cannot say.


One thing you notice as you walk around looking for a way out or at least asking around is that everyone is giving you odd looks as if you’re someone of suspicion. Nobody seems outright surprised that you are walking about as you are, but then you’re still getting treatment of an unwelcome guest or a stray dog. You’re not quite sure what you did to deserve such a reception. When you pass by a couple other pokemorphs in the park besides yourself, you find other humans generally ignoring them or treating them with indifferences. Perhaps some further insight from some locals can tell you more on what is going on.


Suddenly, you hear the sound of struggling in a nearby brush. Your ears perk to attention. Whatever it is, it draws you closer to the source, your footpaws carrying you on the grass softly without giving yourself away. Hiding inside the shrubs, you look out ahead of you to spot a young man being harassed by a pair of hooligans. The hooligans stand over him as they kick them with their boots, some kind of weapons in their hands. Based on how they are dressed, they resemble something close to Team Plasma following the insurrection within their own ranks, specifically those who were still loyal to the Puppet Master behind N’s determination and crusade.


“Stop, please!” The human pleads on the ground.


“Shut up, traitor. You know we don’t tolerate any supporters of him.” The more brutish of the two said.


The other member, not taking pleasure in this, rolls his eyes as he nudges his partner, “This really isn’t necessary. Let’s just leave him alone or send the message and get out of here.”


As the two debated, the human then pulled two of his own weapons—a pair of semi-automatic handguns. This caught both off-guard and immediately a Mexican standoff was about to ensue. Someone who hears all this is likely to contact the police. You consider that as well, but you feel that you can get more done if you take personal action yourself and put a stop to this. How do you protect this man, however? Should you make use of your power or try and reason with the baddies? You must think quickly!


Written by wrathofautumn on 19 April 2018


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