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When you open your eyes, you find that you’ve transformed into something entirely different. The patches of fur has completely wrapped every corner of your skin. You are able to identify the patterns on your white fur as leopard’s black spots. The sight takes you by surprise, but you’re extremely amused by the change. With the change comes strength, and when the instinct surge through your entire body, it makes you feel like you can do anything—even to take on the world.
You’ve never felt this confident before. The sensation is liberating. Just when you think that you finally get everything, another revelation takes you by surprise when you look down—and this time you’re not sure if you can handle it.


They are two unfamiliar large mounds attached to your chest. The sight is to unexpected that you instinctively suck in air until you almost cough—not sure a leopard can actually couch. You take a deep breath instead, trying to calm down, and your chest moves accordingly. The soft mounds even jiggle in response.


What. The. Heck.


Those are breasts, you’re positively sure not. Female breasts… as in…. You glance down past your navel, and sure enough, you fail to find that familiar bulge in between your legs. It doesn’t seem like you can even feel your member anymore, even when currently being provoked by such a delectable sight. You just can’t think the same way about the opposite sex anymore; not when you’re one of them.


But just to make sure, you pat down your paw on that area in between your legs, surely something everything way too smooth that you’re used to. It’s so strange. Weird. Unnatural. Your breath is hitching again, and you find yourself internally coaxing your mind to remain calm, despite the turmoil that’s happening inside it.


The transformation is not perfect, yes. Still... you can’t deny the great effect it brings to you. Your psyche is much sharper than ever before right now, as if the you before had been sleeping this entire time, and the you right now has finally been awaken from that deep slumber.
You’re not really sure what to make of this. At one side, you feel completely liberated. On the other side, you also feel extremely embarrassed. What will people think, when they see you like this. A freak of nature. Like turning into an anthro leopard is not weird enough, but you’ve managed to make yourself turn into a female version of that as well.


Written by Stella Purple on 03 September 2017

Internal Conflict

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