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You decide to pick out the shark's tooth necklace.


As soon as you put it on, you feel faint and collapse.


You come to, but you are no longer in the shop.


You are surrounded by rock with a pool nearby. The water in the pool goes in and comes out again and again, like the tide. You realize that you are in an underwater cave.


It is at that moment that you realize that your location is far from the only thing that's changed.


Your skin is now grey. A thick tail ending in a caudal fin extends out of your backside. A dorsal fin sticks out between your shoulder blades. You glance at your hands. Your nails are gone. Your feet have no toes. You feel through the inside of your newly-grown muzzle and feel rows of sharp teeth.


But that's not all! You now sport a pair of breasts; not too large, nor too small. An examination "down below" confirms that you have indeed switched genders, much to your dismay.


You now sport a wetsuit. You feel for the necklace, but it is gone!


Realizing you have nowhere else to go, you dive into the pool. Breathing underwater for the first time, you swim through the tunnel, you continue until you exit through the maw of the cave. You now find yourself in a vast coral reef teeming with life.


You decide to put your new body through its paces. You make all sorts of quick and agile underwater maneuvers.


You are just getting into the swing of things when you realize something's wrong. Your legs are gone! The wetsuit has even adjusted itself to accommodate your tail alone. You try willing your legs back. They reform themselves. You try making your legs shrink and regrow several times before deciding to carry on legless. You feel a little like a mermaid in this form.


You continue swimming until you see two things;


To the right, you see seafloor slope upwards. Perhaps the shore is close by!


To the right, you see a dark mass that looks vaguely familiar.


Where do you go?

Written by on 12 September 2014

Both To the shore!
Both A Wrecked Submarine
Both To that wrecked galleon
Both Explore the reef

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