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Jake drove slowly. No one talked in the van, not even Daniel who kept looking from one silent friend to another. He couldnĀ“t handle such anxious silence, but after a few vain attempts to start a conversation, he had to give up.


The obnoxious silence continued until they reached the military complex. Few decades ago, it was highly secured facility, but the army abandoned it long time ago. All equipment was transferred away and only empty buildings remained. Hooligans broke some of the windows, but everything else looked like it did in the times when the facility was still occupied by the military scientists. No one was really sure what those scientists studied there, but it happened long time ago and no one cared about it anymore. No one, except of DanielĀ“s friends, who all seemed suddenly obsessed by finding out the secrets of this abandoned place.


When they got out of the van, Daniel looked around. The complex was surrounded by the wire fence, but it was cut apart on some places and sometimes, homeless people or the hooligans used to break in, despite that there was nothing left to steal.

Written by lulu-illussions on 28 October 2016

Both Through the Fence

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