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You hastily scan the ground as you fly over, looking for someone, anyone, who might be able to handle your riddle. There don’t seem to be many travelers out anymore…and most of the people that you see are in groups. For some reason, you know that the riddle will only work if you ask someone who’s alone…


Finally, after soaring over a nearby mountain range, you spot your third target, walking through a meadow of red and yellow flowers. You can’t pad down like a beast on all fours anymore, so you simply lower yourself in front of the man, settling gently in the grass. This one is tall, with short black hair and deep blue eyes, wearing a hiking outfit. Desperate to get this over with, you speak quickly, outlining the situation at hand.


The man seems a bit stunned, and you taper off a bit, wondering if he’s understanding what you’re saying. Before you can ask, he breaks out of his trance, the corners of his cheeks tugging up into a leering grin. “I’ve heard stories about sphinxes before…but I never expected one to be such a piece of hot meat.”


That certainly shuts you up quick! You turn a deep crimson, conspicuously folding your arms over your bare chest. Why did your last pick have to be such a pervert about this? Flustered, you decide to deliver your final riddle. “What can be given but never taken, blown but never sucked, and planted but never grow?”

Written by Kinky Chameleon on 30 June 2018

Both A Kiss

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