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Left. You opened the door and walked inside. The room was dark and only a tiny bit of ambient light let you see two feet in front of you. However, you had more than one sense to rely on. Your ears perked up at the sound of something hurtling through the air, to which you spun out of the way to dodge. Kasumi however was more than prepared and began evading them with ease. You didn’t know if it was her supernatural abilities or the more limber form you had taken on but it was very impressive.


“Why does your sensei have a room like this!” Kasumi darted to the end of the room, trying to find a switch to stop the barrage.


You had no idea, it must have been some type of security system. You figured they probably weren’t lethal but if they had some type of tranquilizer in them then you were screwed. Thankfully you grabbed a lever at the back wall and pressed it down, causing the darts to cease. Taking a breath, you took a moment to take in the surroundings. This was fairly empty, with a few practice mats for practicing martial arts.


There was a mantle and a fireplace on the right wall that caught Kasumi’s eye and she took you over to investigate it. There were a few pictures of Sensei throughout his travels but one of the photos was bent at the corner.


There. The picture. You picked it up and got the frame open to find a crumpled piece of paper behind the photo. Unfolding it, you realized it was a map of the basement floor, complete with some annotations. Unfortunately, the storage room wasn’t marked out but two rooms were circled on it. These rooms were labeled “compass” and “security”.


“Perhaps your Sensei wanted to test you all with getting into his store room. One of these items might just get us there.”


Kasumi was probably right, but which one?

Written by The Futa Guy on 25 May 2023

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