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You ain't scared of that thing...but the hardest way to hurt it, is form the inside, so you gotta get captured by it. You look very scared and cute, to try to convince Eggman to grab you and put you inside the robot. "Oh please don't hurt me, please!" You fake-cry. "I'm just an innocent little fox-girl who's very good with mechanics! I can help you! Just please spare me!"


"What in the world is she doing?" You hear Sonic say. You turn and wink at him, before continuing your act. You hear Eggman laugh maniacally...


"Ha ha ha! Yes, fear me! Ha ha ha!" Eggman laughs. You can somehow tell that this is a dude in a fusion-costume just like you. Eggman continues. "Alright, I'll let you become my slave for all eternity! Come on inside..." Then a passageway inside the robot opens, and you walk inside to the cockpit where Eggman is operating on a computer which obviously is operating the robot.


"Hmm, it must've taken a lot of data, memory, and stuff like that to get your computer to operate this robot." You say , noticing the computer is much like your ordinary one at home.


"Yeah, it sure took a lot...I could bet that if you downloaded one more thing onto this, the computer would crash and this robot would deactivate..." Eggman said.


"Yeah, good to know..." You say slyly...then you lunge for the computer, go on the web, go to the Maple Story Website and chose to download the game. Soon enough, the monitor shows the Blue Screen Of Death, and the entire robot shuts down. You break out of the glass cockpit, laughing, and then land next to Sonic and Amy.


"CURSE YOU! I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!!!" Eggman said, jumping out and running away. You are glad of what you did, and giggle a bit when you see Eggman trip before escaping completely.

Written by Rikki on 08 November 2008

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