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I look to the hand. There are now four fingers that are capped from tip to the first knuckle with… hoof? I grimace from the pain and stand myself erect again. “Yeah, I should be fine. Just, serious pain in my gut.”
“A pain in your stomach? I felt the same thing a while after eating that deer.”


I stand a moment, cocking an eyebrow in question of what that has to do with any of what was happening. Before I can retort, my eyes wander down and take notice of a sheath where Vicki’s lady parts would be. “Ummmm, maybe we should get you dressed.” I suggest as I raise my gaze back to his eyes. Vicki looks down and snaps back up. He covers himself with his hands as blush rushes his cheeks and ears. I am surprised the color could still show through the fur, and even more surprised to find myself thinking it to be rather cute. I never thought that of other males before in my life.


I suppose some color ran to my cheeks as well, as Vicki let out a light chuckle and winks at me. I jolt and avert my eyes as Vicki takes a shirt and pants from my clothes. First on are a pair of camouflage cargo pants. He attempts to pull a shirt over his head, but it catches on the antlers and tears. “I don’t think a top is doable at this point.” Vicki snorts out chuckling again. I smirk, lightening up from the initial shock. “I suppose not.” Silence falls between us again as we pack everything up again. We make sure to save the materials we used from the surrounding nature as well.


The day goes on. Judging by the position of the sun, I guessed it to be roughly 11 AM. As we trudge on, looking for other contestants, I keep finding myself eyeing Vicki. I debate with myself as to why. Was it because I was attracted to him when he was still a she, was I not straight as I thought I was. This silent back and forth continued until another sharp pain hit, this time all through my body, causing me to drop to my knees with a hard grunt. Vicki halts immediately and turns to my aid.


“Okay, you are not okay. What’s wrong?”


I grit my teeth as my entire body tenses up. “I.. Don’t know. A hard rush of pain just, struck me. All over my body.”


Vicki, not knowing exactly what to do, runs his hand over my body. I freeze, the pain seems to subside from the contact. I feel the buck’s touch run softly over my back. I bite my lower lip, trying to hold in a groan that was dangerously close to escaping my throat.

Written by Nero Hopps on 30 June 2018

The end (for now)
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