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One of the first things you thought you should do was get these children organized. It didn’t seem like there was any kind of lesson plan prepared for you, so spent a moment steeling your mind about the vital topics for such a range of young puppies to need for adulthood. In a moment it came to you, and you began your preformative role modeling.
“Hey there kiddos! Nice to meet you! I’ll be your new Babysitter here at this Daycare.” You said happily, it didn’t seem to register to the children, but their smiling faces were enough for you to want to continue. “Why don’t we begin our lesson,” you cleared your voice as their excited yipping crescendoed over your initial tone. “We’ll be distributing a series of rewards,” they stopped, turning their heads towards you. “Oh that got their attention.” You thought to yourself.
All at once, the enormous litter of puppies rushed and struggled among each other for a seat closest to you for optimal listening. Your eyes widened in surprise as you successfully caught the impossibly hyperactive pups attention, it took you aback, yet you didn’t complain about their easy complaciance.
“So, why don’t we go around and get to know each other?” You began. “I want to make sure you all can learn as a group, so I would love to know your strengths and weaknesses.” the children seemed confused. “Did you know that a team should use every players’ strengths to the strength of the whole?” Some of them nodded, and some of them just watched you.

Written by DriftingDragon on 11 July 2021

The end (for now)
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