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Dan saw the "dog" option and thinks to himself "Hmm, dogs are pretty cool. Too bad I didn't have one back home. Oh well, time to find out what it's actually like..."


He pushed the button and the screen went black for a few seconds before pictures of different dog breeds show, then a brief video with dogs being playful, a companion and being used as work dogs, and the narrator told a story:


"Dogs have been man's best friend for centuries. Many breeds have been created over the history of canis familiaris, and many continue to be of great help to mankind. At Project Zero, dogs continue to provide valuable feedback and help to our researchers. Thank you for choosing the domestic dog."


Afterwards, a list of the most popular dog breeds popped up and Dan looked at the selections in front of him, in amazement. So many breeds were to choose from, from the intelligent Border Collie, to the powerful Rottweiler, from the Chihuahua, to the Great Dane, over 50 breeds were on this list.


Dan browsed through the list multiple times, until he made his decision:

Written by PaulShepherd on 26 May 2011

German Shepherd

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