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"Help! Help!" Fierce, yelping cries echoed through camp suddenly, breaking the comfort of the sleeping party. Everyone broke into motion at the same moment, the oversized hybrids tangling each other in the fit to escape through the single doorway.


One by one, they burst into the dim moonlight to see the Earth opening in a yawning hole in the center of camp.


Bursting forth in a spray of dirt came a stretched jaw of layered teeth, one after another stacked together until it seemed the beast was nothing but jagged, yellowing teeth.


"Is that a shark?" you blurted, seeing the familiar broad forehead and jutting nose that seemed to mark a characteristic shark face. Yet, it wore giant boney claws on front legs, obviously not a water creature.


"A Bulette! A land shark!" came a horrified, but knowing shriek.


"I think it's hungry!" Its jaws swung to the side, yawning open at the sight of the groggy, but waking chakrats all around it.


"Everyone, attack!"


You shouldered your hammer, hefting it up into the air. You felt the female breasts against your chest give a heave with the motion- the one part of your change that you couldn't ever seen to get used to no matter how long you wore the body around you.


"Ahhh!" A shriek burst from your lips, some sort of instinctual call as you flung yourself towards the roaring beast that splashed through the dust as if it was water, sniffing out the blood still, thankfully, rushing through your veins.


The chakrats fell onto the torn dirt, swinging hammers and pickaxes among actually spears, everyone using whatever had been closest.


"Ahhh! Fuck!" A sudden empty space opened to your left as one character pixelated out of the battle, despawning.


"No! No one die! We can't afford to lose anyone's tools!" you hollered, realizing that every person who fell brought with them their weapons, and the supply was quickly dwindling.


With a groan, you swung both arms with all your might down towards the rows of glittering teeth, hitting them with a sickening crunch.


"Urrraaaawwwww!" Pain shot through the monster's body visibly as it recoiled from the attack. The broken shards of teeth littered across the ground as the opposite wall of feline's threw down their hammers as well, aiming for the beady eyes, then another took to his wide mouth from the opposite angle. The howls of pain grew louder until they suddenly stopped.


The rounded creature dropped to the ground in a slump. Cheers erupted.


"We did it!"


"We won!"


The celebration suddenly dimmed when another roar shot up from the opposite edge of town.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 04 March 2017

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