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Daniel started to increase the speed at which he moved, clawing at the wet earth and kicking it up with his paws as he flexed his new muscles. He was able to accelerate much better than he could when he was on two legs, and he was soon taking off through the woods, dashing through mud and puddles and dirt with little trouble.


He bounded through the wooded area, snaking past trees, jumping over small bushes and stones scattered about. He had no clue where he was, but that didn’t matter to him; his heart raced, yet it raced with adrenaline and a rush of pure excitement. Words couldn’t describe how strange and wonderful this was.


Eventually, Daniel slowed to an easy trot rather than a full out dash. He was panting, his body ablaze, yet the cool wind felt amazing against his skin - his fur? - and he wound up stopping and gazing about him.


‘Where am I, exactly?’ he finally wondered. ‘How did I get here?’


‘I brought you here,’ the spirit replied. ‘This is an open area, far from civilization, where you could experience the beauties of your new-found gifts in peace. Fear not, I will ensure you are returned to where you belong, Daniel. But the night is young, and you have much to learn. Fortunately, there is no rush; time is with us, and you will soon see the boon I’ve given you.’


‘What else is there?’ Daniel asked, astonished by all this. It was so much to take in and accept, but he wasn’t having too hard a time with that, thankfully.


There was another chuckle. ‘When you are gifted with my boon, you will be able to take this form when you please - this body is now your body, a part of your very essence, Daniel. You will be able to change into a wolf, but also into both wolf and human at the same time. This, however, will take more time to utilize. It is not as easy as staring at the moon or flipping a switch.’


Daniel was silent as he soaked this in. ‘Wow… so… am I a werewolf now?’


‘No,’ the spirit replied. ‘You are more. You are BETTER. Come.’


‘What do you mean?’ Daniel thought.


The spirit chuckled. ‘There is much to see, to smell, to hear. Explore, Daniel. Nature is at your beck and call; you have nothing to fear while I am with you, so embrace your new gifts to the fullest.’


Daniel didn’t know what to say in response to that, but he wasn’t really feeling like that was a bad thing. He started moving again, dashing at a relatively brisk pace through the woods, letting his senses run wild as he himself ran wild.


It was the strangest sensation he’d ever felt in his life, but it was a comforting one. He felt… free. As close to free as he could be, more than he’d ever experienced. His chest heaved with every breath, his nostrils flared - the dozens of smells filling them, filling him. If this was what life would be like for him now, as someone who could turn into an animal, then he welcomed it.


‘How long can I stay like this?’ Daniel thought.


‘As long as you want,’ the spirit replied. He felt her warmth flowing through him as she spoke. ‘We are one now, my Daniel. You need only ask, and I will help you to the fullest of my power. Know that regardless, you are never alone.’




Daniel wasn’t ready to change back to human - what a strange way to think, he mused, one he’d have to get used to - but he was fine with this. He just kept on going, dashing forward, a human who had been gifted the power of a wolf. It was like everything had been restarted in his life, and he was more than content with that. He grinned, and let out a howl that rippled through the air.


This was going to be fun.

Written by Hollowpages on 23 April 2019

The end (for now)
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