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You furrow your brow, frustration washing over you as you use your tail to push a bit faster through the water. You keep on going, refusing to let this new quarry get away. You’re not sure why you feel drawn to whatever it is but you do know that you don’t want it to get away. There has to be some reason you’re drawn towards it! Now if only your new body could catch up to the other creature you’d be one happy selkie!


Your body begins to strain for all it’s worth when the figure in the distance enters what appears to be some underwater cave. Hope flickers in your chest at the thought of actually catching up. Maybe the cave is where the other creature, seemingly human-esc by how they swam, lived? That’s what you’re hoping anyway.


You continue on, and after a few more minutes you draw closer to the cave yourself. It seems to be dark within the main entrance but further along you’re pretty sure you can see the flicker of some sort of light. Could the light belong to the being you’re chasing, you wonder?


Or was something else causing the illumination?


At this thought you hesitate for a moment. Other things, like the potential danger this creature could pose if it was a threat, begin to stir in your mind. Maybe you should be more cautious instead of rushing headlong into this cave…

Written by HiddenFruit on 12 August 2017

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