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They promptly and nervously bind your hands before walking you through the streets of Ancient Egypt, the towering prehistoric buildings were breathtaking, as you watched the flowering empire in its early days. You couldn’t help but feel excited as you watched the citizens turn their heads to face you as you trailed along the thin pathways of their residential neighborhoods.
As you were detained the only comfort you found yourself clinging to was the complete immersion in this forgotten culture; the colorful decorations adorning their houses, the patterned garbs of the residents hanging from clotheslines, even the games the children played in the street seemed to fascinate you, distracting you slightly from the awful unfolding reality. Your daydreaming is abruptly interrupted by the hoarse voices of the workers walking ahead of you, occasionally jerking you by your wrists to keep you at a similar pace. You can hear their comments shot quietly at each other.
"So we found her... Finally."
"Just right under our noses too"
"Yeah, guess thats why shes so special"
"Yeah well not anymore."
"Bigger they are the harder they fall"
You listen carefully as they talk, and from their chatter you deduce that you clearly must have had a rather notorious reputation if these people had that much to say about you. The hard rocks of the desert pavement cause your feet to ache after a long trek back from the massive structures. The guards lead you through thick reeds and shallow pools of crystal clear water, leading up to a courtyard filled with massive pillars decorated with colorful glyphs wrapping completely around the thick supports.
As you walk among the chatting workers you can't help but notice the pyramids as their half-built immaculate shape shrinks away into the horizon. Your pupils contracted into tiny slits as the sun beamed down on the slow moving figures in the distance, dwarfed by the great pyramids growing farther away.
The fear begins to grip you as you realized what had happened. You look to the surroundings, finding yourself among several other furry creatures of varying species and mixes. Paired with the shock of being transported centuries to the past, the beating in your chest began to almost drown out the mundane chatter of the locals. Your shock physically showed as you attempted to contain your flabbergasted expression behind shackled hands. The rough fingertips brushed against your elongated snout, you feel the wrinkles of skin on your muzzle and quickly realize you are no longer even human.
You feel the frightened expression grow across your muzzle as the realization hit you like a pile of bricks: you’ve become a sphinx cat. The leathery skin wrinkled as you ran your hands across your skull,

Written by Driftingdragon on 06 January 2020


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