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Then Daniel remembered his writing club. It was still on, even during vacations. People from the club would know something was wrong. He only needed to get some of them here, so they would see his friends acting weird and realize that the griffon is Daniel turned into an animal. Daniel didn´t know if it would help him, after all, turning a human into griffon should be impossible so turning him back could be equal problem, but it could be a start. He needed to know that the world didn´t go crazy and that someone still remembered Daniel Jacobs as human he was.


He looked back at Pammy, who was still waiting at him with an outstretched hand. It looked like she was genuinely worried over him, but just the last night, she was acting like possessed and leaded him to the military complex. Whatever They did to her, Daniel couldn´t help her while being griffon. He couldn´t do anything, but try to become human again, no matter what it took.


So he turned away from his brainwashed friends and ran off. He couldn´t stay with them knowing that they thought he was a real griffon. He was human. There had to be a way to become human again.





Written by lulu-illussions on 01 May 2017

The end (for now)

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