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Daniel pressed a palm against his forehead, startled by something sharp on his head. He touched it, suddenly terrified that there was knife stabbed into his forehead. He could be dying! Maybe he was dead, maybe they killed him!


What did they do to him?!


“This can´t be real,” he murmured under his breath, touching his changed body to find out anything that was different. There was horn at his forehead, long and with a pointy end, breasts on his chest and damned horse connected to his waist.


What did happen to him?


Why wasn´t he waking up? This couldn´t be real, could it?


“Daniel?” the voice sounded closer now and Daniel recognized it as Pammy.


“Pammy?!” he yelled, his voice still hoarse. “Help!”


There was noise behind the metal door and then the door opened. Sharp light blinded Daniel and he closed his eyes, covering his face.

Written by lulu-illussions on 27 January 2018


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