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After a brief jolt of pain, your shirt is torn apart by a pair of snow white wings. Loose feathers dart out once they finally spread free. You can barely grasp the angelic sight before they’re struggling to flap on their own, seemingly out of instinct.


Shortly afterwards, an unearthly sensation rocks you to your core. Your hands tremble as your fingernails take on a darker hue, and coarse white fur begins leisurely spreading through your forearms. Your heart palpitates with panic and confusion, and your shaky wings prove insufficiently capable to cut your fall short. The sight of your fingers merging into two thicker appendages only strikes further panic, your nails joining into thick carapaces. A searing blaze wells up within your face, and with much strain, it starts pushing forward. Your nose flattens and blends within your darkening lips as white fur covers your ceaselessly shifting long face. It’s not until your thin ears flick gaily in the wind and your hair migrates through the back of your bulging neck that you come to the hasty conclusion it must be an equine head. What was left of your clothing is rapidly failing to contain your swelling musculature, thick fur visible through the rips and tears. A pained contraction finally tears off your pants, letting loose your new bushy tail which stands upright through your free-fall.

Written by Diethyl on 15 November 2016


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