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You looked down at your legs, and see that your thighs are bulging. Suddenly, you watch as your ass begins to swell and tear through your pants.


You watch your butt swell in horror, and are shocked to find that your butt and legs aren't the only body parts of your that are changing. Long strands of hair began to grow down your back, but at the same time also out of your back and neck.


You feel all sorts of strange sensations all over your body. Your shoes are tight, your feet itch, you can't feel your toes....


As a matter of fact, almost your entire lower body itches. You look down to your butt again, and notice brown hairs growing all over your swelling bum. The hairs become denser, and you suddenly recognize it as fur!


You try to pull your pants down as the fur spreads over your still growing butt, but suddenly your feet explode out of your shoes.


Your feet have tripled in length, and are now covered with hair, brown hair. In fact, the same brown hair that quickly turned to fur on your butt.


Your feet began to change even more, the fur begging to grow on the bottoms of your overly large feet just as your toes seemed to turn black and... melt together?


You stare in disbelief, unable to utter a sound. The toes finished melting, and on each foot you now had a hoof. But that is the least of your problems.


Your view of your feet was suddenly obscured by your shirt. You don't know what to make of it, and try to push your shirt back down, only to find that it is already pressed against your chest. You have grown a pair of breasts!


"What the?" you think. You then feel the shift in your manhood, and you scrambled your hands to pull down your underwear to try and save what you know you are about to lose. Unfortunately you are too late. You feel around looking for it but it you feel what has replaced it.


You feel a pain in your spine and turn your head, and you watch as a long flowing black tail flows from your lower back.


Your long black hair and mane extend to just above the tail. You scream and notice your voice became higher pitched at the end of the scream. You also note that your ears are growing, extending to the top of her head as she feels the rest of her facial features change.


You look down and see that the fur had covered everything below your waist, and that everything below your waist was equine, although your butt still looks quite feminine.


The genie has turned you into a half horse, half human female creature.

Written by Whos on 26 May 2007

The end (for now)
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