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You'll have to carry me star star star star emptystar

"You'll have to carry me" you tell her.


"Well ok then" she replies "Hop on to my back".


You do so and she takes off. Soon you are up in the clouds.


You look down and notice that your in the middle of a circle. Inside the circle you can see that while their is snow you can still see the trees and stuff. Outside the circle however is in the middle of a raging blizzard.


"What is with that blizzard?" you ask.


"Well that is the result of the dragon war" she tells you "From what I have gathered 100 generations ago, a lot of the dragons started to fight each other. The dragons shrines around the fighting were busy keeping the dragons alive and then they started to drain the magic from the surround area. Now they are wastelands too hot for reds in the summer and too cold for whites in the winter."


"Many groups of dragons have tried to get even one of the dragons to stop fighting but none have ever reported back"


"Wow" you say.


You then notice that you are no longer on her back and are falling...


Written by catprog on 29 October 2007

The end (for now)
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