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The path through the woods leads to a tunnel that runs deep into the ground. The tunnel's path is pavement like that of the city you were in when you first arrived on this world. The cracked and separated asphalt holds under the large weathered supports of the tunnel. Old lights line the walls with dim light. The idea of there being power under the ground like this doesn't bode well with you.


The tunnel ends into a massive underground chasm housing an enormous sprawling city. Lights remain on and certain machines running but there seems to be no one here. The streets are littered with debris and old newspapers. Like a bad movie, you walk down the deserted streets with Lerru. Dust lays over most of the shop and store windows, obscuring dimly lit rooms left in shambles when the inhabitants evacuated. Where would they go? No one knows. It was a human city obviously, but with it being underground wouldn't it be a safe refuge? The questions float through your head but as you're pondering, movement stirs at an alley ahead of you.


You take aim but before you can fire Lerru lowers your barrel. He calls out in the ancient Kee tongue to a group of rebels which emerge from the alley soon after. These Vulpines and humans, almost as bad off as those in the dens of the city, welcome you kindly. As you look over the many faces eager to see you, one in particular catches your eye. The guard from the den, the one that let you escape! He sees you and simply smiles.


"I told you we would watch you and keep you safe. Come, we have food and shelter." He says, ushering you into one of the smaller shops. As you take a seat at a booth, the guard and Lerru take a seat with you. They discuss your condition and your purpose here. The guard, it turns out, knew of your gift- before you obviously- and sent Lerru to watch over you. He knew it would take you time to realise your purpose. You were brought here to fulfill a prophesy set down ages before.

Written by Lokor and Kire Kitsune on 27 November 2013

The end (for now)
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