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Or so she thought. Her human-self came crashing back along with a package and a letter she got in the mail. It was a medium sized carboard box with the note folded up and taped to the top. There was no address. The name written on the note gave her immediate pause.
She picked the package up from her welcome mat and did a quick check to see if anyone was looking. With no sign of anybody, least of all a tall skinny old man, she hustled inside with the package and shut the door. She ran to her couch and sat down with the package in her lap. She peeled the tape off and opened the note.
Dear Jared,
Or should I say Jasmine? That’s your name here, isn’t it? Well, I hope you’ve adjusted nicely. It’s a mirror of the world you know, after all, just a little smellier, I suppose. Certainly, you’ve gotten used to the stench if there is any. I suspect they have a priority on hygiene like our society does. I haven’t spent much time there myself. Not a fan of polecats like you are, not that I detest them. They are cute in their own little way, just like all of God’s creatures.
Anyway! I’d like to send you an option of carrying yourself to another furrier world if you’d be so inclined. Inside is another suit like the one you bought from my shop. No, you won’t find it again, at least not in this town. I wouldn’t recommend going looking for me either. You’ll end up disappointed.
What won’t disappoint you is what’s in this box. I invite you to open it and see what’s inside. Perhaps it’ll lead you to a universe even more engaging than this one! Although I know your infatuation with skunks will probably make you decline. Either way, the option will always be here if you ever feel so inclined.
I hope this letter finds you well. No hard feelings, I hope.
Leland Gaunt

Written by TheGreatJaceyGee on 05 February 2023


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