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You notice the world around you fuzzing into the new habit.


When the fuzzing stops you notice where you are. Outside a building with what looks like spaceships flying in and out.


"Huh" you say expecting something a little less sci-fi.


Suddenly a cat-boy rushes up to you and says "follow me please".


You do so and come to a library. You go into to find a room saying new arrivals.


"This is a brief introduction to our world , our culture our laws and our customs" he says.


"Take as much time as you need and I'll show you to your new home." he tells you as you look at amazement at the room.


"What your name" you ask.


"Robert" he says "Oh and just in case your wondering I was born like this. I want to play in the game when I get older. My dad was a player of the game. He says he got back to his Earth but decided to live out this costume's life. My mother was born on this world and didn't want to go into the game."


"They discovered a new solar system about 50 years ago and are finally setting up the jump gates. First test is tomorrow. do you want to see it?" he says.

Written by catprog on 21 June 2007

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