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Almost as soon as the exam-door closes another door opens and another scientist steps out.


"Gassan?" she says.


"Yes?" Gassan replies.


"In here please." she says.


Gassan moves in and the door shuts behind leaving Daniel behind.


Suddenly there is a power failure and all the doors slam shut.


"Now what?" Daniel thinks.


Suddenly a hologram appears and starts speaking. "Don't worry. We know about all 6 of you and are trying our best to get you out of this situation. Just stay alive and don't lose hope."


The hologram then shimmers, goes out moments before the power comes back on.


"sorry about that" the scientist says getting the exam door open "sometimes one of the experiments draws so much power we lose it. Now if you would step in we can get started."

Written by catprog on 18 August 2008

Daniel's Turn

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