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The bright light intensified to a blinding flash, and then died away. Daniel was still dazzled by the light, but whatever was controlling him now evidently knew where to go, as he began walking immediately. Slowly, his eyes adjusted, and he started to take in his surroundings.


Daniel was walking quickly and purposefully, through a damp, poorly-lit hallway. Heavy doors interrupted the sheer concrete walls at intervals, but Dan couldn't turn his head to examine them. Despite the utter lack of windows, cold breezes swept past him, chilling his still-naked body. Ahead of him, another person was walking in the same unalterable line. As recognition dawned on him, Daniel repeatedly tried to wish it away, but he couldn't--the person ahead of him was David.


Daniel wanted desperately to call out to his friend, or run to catch up with him. Just being with a familiar face, he thought, might alleviate the hell he was facing. Instead, he stayed locked in the same pace as before, and David stayed exactly the same distance ahead of him. He found that he was so completely controlled that he couldn't even cry.


The bright light of the teleporter flashed behind him, signalling a new arrival. Daniel prayed it wasn't another of his friends. He wanted--he needed--to believe that the rest of them were, if not alright, then at least in better shape than he and David.


Up ahead, David stopped and turned abruptly, entering a side door, seemingly at random. A while later, Daniel stopped too, and turned. He couldn't tell whether or not he was standing at the door David had gone in, but as he began to walk towards it, he realized that he would find out soon enough. And anyway, he didn't really have a choice. As he went in, he had a chance to read the writing on the door. It said...

Written by Zodiac on 22 August 2008

The end (for now)
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