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The only structure nearby is a stable, one door to the cliffs the other to the grounds. You wander into the barn to find a strange set of horse saddles, the straps to the front and back connecting underneath. Each saddle has its own bridle, bit and reins .
You approach one of the saddles to get a closer look at it. You run your fingers along the leather, feeling the ridges of the padding underneath. You reach up and touch the metal buckle on the side of the saddle. You pull at the strap and feel the saddle shift slightly. It falls off the hook and onto you.
You pick it up, and hold it out at arm's length. It's so light. How could that be possible? You sit down on the hay bale, and slip the straps over your shoulders.
"Why did I just do that" you say.
You look down to notice the straps from all corners has connected themselves to a buckle over your chest.
"Well shit," you mutter. "That's new."
You try to remove the buckle but the straps are securely fastened around your body. You tug and pull at the buckles, but they don't budge.
"Okay," you say, "I'm not getting anywhere. Time to think about this logically."
You stand up, your shirt falling apart underneath the pressure from the straps. You begin to walk towards the exit, and your hands change into hooves.
You stop dead in your tracks. "Wait a second..."
Your feet are still in your shoes, but your hands start to change into hooves. You shake them out, trying to figure out what's going on. Your arms are longer now, and the straps are attached to your wrists.
"Oh, this is just ridiculous," you grumble.
You turn around and head back inside the stable. You find a toolbox, and open it up. Inside are some pliers, a hammer, a saw, a screwdriver, and a wrench. You grab the hammer and a nail.
"Okay," you say to yourself, "Time to see if I can undo this."
You take the hammer and hit the buckle. It doesn't move an inch. You give it another whack, and then another. The hammer flies out of your hands as they finishing changing. You stand there in shock, just looking at them.
"What the fuck?" you say, trying to pick up the hammer again. The hooves however means you cannot get a grip on it.
"Damnit," you grunt, "this is really fucking annoying."
You kick the hammer across the room, and it clatters against the wall. You glare at the saddle in frustration.
"So, how do I get out of this thing?" you ask yourself.
You stand there for a moment, staring at the saddle. Then you turn away and walk out of the stable.
This time a horse tail grows from your ass.
You look back at the saddle. You reach down and stroke the smooth leather of the saddle. You think about the horse that might have worn it, and wonder if it it turning you into it.
"Why would I want to be a horse?" you say aloud.
You turn around and look at the stable door. It's just a door. A normal door. Nothing special about it.
You look at the saddle again. You think about what happened earlier.
"Why would a saddle be shaped like this?" you say to yourself.
You stare at the door. Then you slowly walk towards it.
You push it open, and step back inside.
The stable is empty.
You walk over to the corner where you had been standing before. You look at the ground, and notice something there. You kneel down to look closer.
It's a horseshoe.
You reach down and it attaches itself to your hoof.
"Oh my god," you gasp tilting your hoof to try and get a good look at it.
The shoe fits perfectly.
"I'm being turned into a horse!" you whisper.
You jump to your feet, and run outside. The moment you leave the stable you fall onto all fours.
"This isn't real," you say to yourself.
You look up and see the sun setting behind the trees.
"Maybe it's just a dream," you say.


Written by NovelAi on 04 January 2022

The end (for now)
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