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You take it and she leads you through hallways. You soon find yourself in a large open area with grass beneath your feet.
"Where are we?" you ask looking around.
"One of the VR rooms. The walls and roof are holographic displays" she explains "Here, I'll show you."
A herd of gazelle appears in the distance. You watch as they dance and play around.
"This is so beautiful."
"Not as beautiful as you" she says as she sits beside you. Her hot breath blows in your ear and she wraps her arm around your body. The lioness stops and looks at them, then she pounces forward and you find yourself leaping after her. You land on the back of a gazelle and sink your teeth in its neck, killing it instantly. You start eating as the lioness watches on, then she does the same. The lioness runs towards them and leaps into the air. Her feline muscles carry her through the air and she lands atop of a gazelle, biting into its neck and killing it instantly.


She looks back to you "Sorry, our instincts are quite strong. Any instincts showing with you?"
You think for a moment "I feel like... like I want to run around and chase things."
The lioness smiles "Perfect. Follow your instincts and have fun!" she says as the gazelle disappear and the walls become solid again.
The open area is replaced by a jungle and the sent of your prey is in the air.You follow the sent to a goat and you drop down to all fours to chase it. Soon, you're hunting through the undergrowth, your tigress senses telling you where the goat is. You feel like this is where you're meant to be. You've never felt so alive. After a good ten minutes of chasing, you catch the goat and tear into its flesh, the blood covering your face as you eat. You're still eating when your stomach starts to grumble again and you look around for something else to eat.
The vr turns off and you look around. The goat and blood have disappeared "Where did it all go?" you ask.
"It was only a visual representation, not real" the girl explains.
You sigh, suddenly feeling very hungry "I wish I had some real meat. The goat tasted amazing."
The girl smiles "I have a solution for that too!"
She hands over a tray of meat which you immediately start eating. You look down at it "Is this real?" you ask, looking a the raw flesh.
"Yep!" she says happily as you carry on eating.
"It much better to be here then cooped up right?" she says.
You look up at her, your mouth covered in blood "I suppose it is."
"Do you want me to take you back to the others or would you like to go yourself?" she asks.
"I guess I'll go by myself" you say.
You go back through the ship to your room.
The other tigers are waiting for you "Did she help you?" they asks. You nod and they lead you to their room, letting you sleep through the door. You lay down and quickly fall asleep.

Written by AIDungon on 24 February 2021

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