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Hey, you really don’t care, you’re just trying to make some money. You took the furniture found around your room and chopped it up, sewed it together, and quickly began to market yourself as a skin suit seller. At first it seemed as if you were getting way more business than you could have imagined, and that night you spent all your time sending out invoices and organizing your workflow.
The following day you woke up late and drowsy after staying up all night collecting your prize. You knew the work was still far from done. Packaging up the products throughout the evening, and finally sending out over a hundred new products all across the world, the second day of work was almost as taxing as the first one. That night you fell asleep on time, and you loved resting throughout the night even more than you could have imagined.
When you woke up again, you logged onto your account to check your wallet, which was absolutely packed from the previous night. To your dismay, you found yourself hundreds of dollars in the negative.
“Wait what?!” you said aloud, with enough surprise to cause you to nearly jump out of your own suit. “What happened?” you say as you log into your website.

Written by Driftingdragon on 23 June 2021

The end (for now)

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