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You are standing in a lush green pasture. star star star star halfstar

As soon as you get over the fence, you begin to feel a bit nauseous. You walk a bit until a gut-wrenching pain causes you to fall over. Your whole body begins itching as dark brown fur sprouts from your skin. Your rear end begins to swell causing your jeans to become tight.


Your shoes begin to burst open, revealing back toe nails. You begin to walk, but the tightness of your pants causes your pace to slow. Your toes feel numb and when you look down at them they begin to fuse into black hoofs.


Breathing becomes hard and every breath you take causes your chest to expand more until you shirt becomes tight.


Your neck begins to bulk up and push forward until your shirt collar bursts. You feel immense pain as something begins to push out above your rear. Suddenly, your pants burst revealing your dark brown hide and a long, black, silky horse tail that runs down to your ankles.


Your chest expands some more and your gut begins to swell. Your shirt bursts open.


With the front part of your pants still on, you begin to feel a swelling down below. It pushes forward leaving a definite bulge in your pants.


Your chest begins to swell some more as well as your buttocks as your muscles bulge, with your rear and torso swelling to stallion like proportions. This forces you to fall over due to the mass of your upper body.


You are now lying on your side as you hear a crack in your pelvis as it reforms itself for quadrupedal walking.


By now, your pants have fallen off, but your neck lengthens some more, preventing you from seeing your changes down below as they enlarge some more.


Your tail begins swishing automatically. Black hair begins to sprout from you neck forming a mane. You feet and legs begin to elongate and your veins begin to bulge under your skin as horse blood flow from your massive heart.


Your fingers go numb and you try to spread them apart, but to no avail. They begin to fuse together and you scream as you feel the bones in your fingers moving through your skin to fuse together. Your scream, though, comes out as a bray of pain.


Your arms then lengthen until they equal the size of your legs. Your vision begins to blur as your feel your irises enlarge. Your ears stretch back until they are pointed.


Brown fur sprouts all over your face and ears. Your hair turns black and thick like your mane.


Your ears stretch back some more until they reach the top of your head. Your vision blurs further and your nose flares outwards. Your front teeth elongate into long slabs disproportionate with your mouth, forcing your jaw apart.


Your face pushes out even further. Your nose darkens as well as your lips. They stretch out to meet each other and become rubbery. Your nostrils enlarge filling you with a deep breathe. Your face pushes out even further causing your eyes to go in different directions as they blur even further.


The veins running down your face bulge. Your jaw swells and your try to scream, but a high pitched whinny comes out. Your tongue stretches out to meet your teeth.


Your chest, neck, head, and rear give a final bulge and the transformation stops. You get up and stand on your four hooves, a stallion.


You look back with your eyes to see your massive flanks and long elegant tail swishing back and forth.


Realisation hits you and your realize that your are a 1000lb horse, an animal. Your thoughts get clouded by the powerful scents of other horses both female and male and by the massive rumbling in your stomach.


You also realize that some of the females are in season as your thoughts become further clouded by their pungent odours, but in the back of your mind, you need to get back, you want to get out.


As the more powerful, bestial mind of the horse begins to take over, you begin to feel right, that you belong here. What do you do next?

Written by Equine on 05 May 2005

Find the other horses
Attempt to Run Back Through the Fence

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