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He signals to you to split up, almost intuitively it makes a lot of sense to attack from both directions. You spot a nearby gazelle shifting its ears, does it hear your movements? (Freeze in place)


You remain static, observing more carefully, it’s just a mosquito picking at the gazelle’s ear. You feel a wave of relief as you get into position.


Tal gives the signal, and you both pounce in good synchronicity. The gazelles hear you and rush away in a hurried stampede – men, women and children chinkaras are all trying to get away from the tigers attacking their home, you charge mercilessly, and feel so alive doing so as you catch a grown chinkara, you instinctively bite at its neck. By the time the herd gets away, as faint, white motes rise up from your prey. it is just you and Tal, your grown gazelle corpse, and his captured calf meat.


“Wow! You did well.” He said, you can feel the jealousy in his voice. “You got the advantage because it’s two of us, normally you would be hunting on your own, though.”


“What was that?”


“The chinkara’s soul, returning to the realm above. Don’t worry about it, they’ll be born again by the time it starts raining.

Written by PrinceZahn on 27 October 2017


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