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The excitement of mystery was too much for your curiosity. Like slotting in a cassette, your mind switched gears and focused, gathering all your psychic energy together. In a dazzling bright light, you disappeared with a poof.


A faint Mew-head shape was scorched into the ground in your wake as you ventured off in search of adventure. When you opened your eyes, you found yourself in a vibrant and modern city, nestled within a clearing of a great forest.


This metropolis was incredibly modern, with tall buildings towering behind even taller ones. The streets were adorned with bushes, leading up to sidewalks and various businesses. In the center of the city stood a tall tower with the name SILPH CO, although the signage in front of it seemed missing as if the original owner had gone out of business.


Amidst the hustle and bustle, you found yourself in front of a familiar red-roofed building with white panels and glass underneath—a Pokémon Center. Saffron City, the largest city in Kanto, greeted you as you sat on a bench.


The warm sun shone brightly overhead, casting a beautiful blue sky. Paved roads and sidewalks stretched out before you, with only a bus taking a break at the end of its route. Not far away, you noticed a Machop hybrid sighing while fanning his collar, enjoying a bowl of steaming noodles. His gray skin and white uniform hinted at his dual nature.


Taking a moment to examine yourself, you realized your clothing had transformed as well. You wore a pair of ridiculously 2-foot-long black sandals, quite wide, made of foam—a practical choice for walking like a mundane human. A pair of purple shorts covered your knees to your hips, snug but comfortable with enough room for your tail. On your torso, a loose white tee left others guessing what lay beneath. Vibrant yellow strands of hair, dyed to express your true self, adorned your head—a celebration of non-binary identity that fit Pride Month or any time you wished to express yourself.


With a contented smile and a mischievous huff, you floated off the ground. The tantalizing aroma of noodle soup beckoned you, and a gentle prod into the Machop hybrid's mind revealed a fantastic noodle shop just around the corner. Perhaps it was a place where sparring battles between hybrids and traditional trainers took place—a perfect spot for you to be. After all, transforming consumed a significant amount of energy, and you needed to restore your HP with a hearty bowl of beefy Nuku Udon soup.


Levitating closer and closer to the noodle shop, your mouth watered in anticipation of the savory beef and onion broth. As you made your way, you reached into your pocket and discovered a wallet. Inside, along with your photo with an ID card, you found an address in Saffron and a stack of large yen bills.


Realizing that you had a home among fellow hybrids, yen in your pocket, and a delightful lunch destination, you couldn't help but giggle and smile. This place felt like the perfect home for you, where your heart could thrive and find contentment.

Written by PoKeHybridTrainer on 04 July 2023

The end (for now)

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