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Jenene broke a window with a rock to get in. She had no idea where to hide, other than her own bedroom. Clancy was seemingly hellbent on either wanting to kill or eat the girl. He had never been inside her house before so he was running blindly to find his prey. The girl heard numerous loud, rasping sounds as if he was tearing holes inside the roof.... Jenene ran out of the living room and entered the hallway. For one thing, there was no way she was going to hide in the upper story of the house. Instead, she was going to hide in the basement.


Jenene went to a linen closet for a blanket to hide with.


Another glass window shattered, followed by an angry, shrill cry. Jenene held onto the blanket and sprinted to the basement door that was at the end of another hall. More bird-man screams echoed through the house as the girl slammed the door behind her and ran the stairs to the basement floor. Being extra cautious, Jenene found another closet to hide in.


It was nerve-racking. The creature that was Horne could be very faintly heard as he trudged around the place and making thumping noises.


“Oooooh, Jenene…. I'm going to find you no matter what…. I can taste your bones and flesh right now!” His scratchy, monstrous voice cried through the house.


Jenene hugged herself tightly at the haunting message, her heart quickened. She held on to her phone to contact the police, and to her dismay, it was at 1%. She cursed in anger. How could she forget to charge the damn thing? Jenene put her phone in her pocket and waited.




After some time, the thumping sounds came to an end. But Jenene did not just walk out just yet, she had to be absolutely sure that Mr. Horne was gone from her house. 5 minutes, she waited for any noises. Nothing. Then, 10 minutes later, still silence. Jenene waited for a solid 35 minutes, and it really seemed as if he was truly gone. Either way, she had to get help. She exited the closet and climbed the stairs on all fours very silently. She slowly creaked the door opened and darted out. Jenene walked quickly down the hallway until she heard a thump. She stopped. A single drop of sweat dropped and she couldn't bear to turn around to see what was behind her. A massive claw-like hand touched Jenene's shoulder, followed by a low caw.


Written by ovelymars908 on 02 August 2017

The end (for now)

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