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The five walk inside, the fluorescent light weakly shining, fighting the flicker and pushing itself to give the building some life.


Their footsteps echoed only a little. Not even ten steps into the building and already, Pammy was getting the chills and creeps.


Holding onto David’s arm in fear, Pammy’s gaze shifted from left to right, examining the run down, old, creepy environment.


“This is weird, Davey,” Pammy says, clinging a bit harder as the five walk through the old, abandoned military building. Pammy could swear she heard someone whisper her name, “What was that? Did you hear that?”


“I heard someone say my name. Did you, Daniel?” Jake asks, using his cellphone as a light as they delve further into the building.


“No… and it wasn’t Gassan… he wandered off that way,” Daniel says, pointing off to the left down a hallway covered in cobwebs and sprinkled with debris.


“We’d better find him, we shouldn’t get separated,” David said, leading the four down the messy hallway.


Boards from the ceiling have fallen, making for make-shift ramps for the rats and insects infesting the place. Pammy immediately gasps.

Written by Sparrow the Wolf on 30 April 2015

She stays behind

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