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You decide that the first thing you need to do is make somewhere for you to sleep; to find a comfortable den to call your own. There's already a small divot in the rocks that you could nestle up in, but it's a little sparse for your tastes. With a nod to yourself, you click quietly out to the cavern's entrance, noticing the moss that lines the cliffs of your new home.


This will do quite nicely, you think to yourself. Your beak moves awkwardly as you try to approximate a grin with your new face. Naturally, you fail; and the botched attempt leaves you grimacing instead.


You distract yourself by focusing on the task at hand, clicking out from your cavern's mouth in search of a particularly soft bed of moss to call a bed. The first clump you find isn't large enough; and the second is too well-rooted to be easily dug up.


The third, on the other hand, is a patch that's positively huge. Even if you botch unearthing some of it, you'll still be able to salvage enough to make a decent bed for yourself. You croon instinctively with delight, padding up to it with delight.


Your delight soon fades as you realize that digging it up is going to be much harder than you first thought. Your front talons, which could have once been used as hands, are now clumsy and indelicate feet. You can try and pick up small clumps, but it's a much more arduous task than you'd first thought it to be.


On the other hand, you do know how to use your beak... You groan loudly, then dip your head towards the moss, biting it free of its home on the cliff's side. Though it takes much less time than you'd anticipated, you also can't get the the earthy taste from your mouth.


You scoop up the dislodged carpet with your talons and beat your wings hurriedly, returning to the cavern and dropping off the moss in that cozy divot. Then, you look back to the cave's mouth, wondering what to do next...

Written by SketchySeraph on 29 January 2016


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