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The five friends gathered around the table, excited to start their game of tabletop RPG. Instead of choosing their usual characters, they decided to shake things up and pulled random characters from a box. At first, they thought it was just their imagination, but as they looked around, they realised that something was happening. The walls of the room began to warp and shift, transforming into the dense foliage of a forest. The air grew colder and the light dimmed, as if the sun were setting.


Panic set in as they realised that they were no longer in the familiar room where they had been playing, but instead in the very world they had been roleplaying in.


As the room around them began to change, Seth felt a wave of energy wash over him. He closed his eyes and felt his body start to change. He could feel his bones elongating, his muscles shifting, and his skin thickening. He heard the sound of fur growing on his body and felt his face elongating into the muzzle of a lion. As he opened his eyes he saw that his hands had become paws with claws.


As his body changed, he could feel himself becoming more feminine, his chest growing and his hips widening. He felt a mix of emotions, fear, anger, confusion and frustration due to the change of his gender. She knew that he had to come to terms with her new form and find a way to adapt to it, but it was going to be a difficult journey.


Seth found herself struggling to walk on four legs, her new body felt heavier and unbalanced. She could feel herself falling to all fours, her spine elongating and her legs growing stronger. She realised that his new form was that of a quadruped, with four legs and paws instead of hands and feet.


Seth was now a majestic sphinx with the body of a lioness and the head of a woman. She had the golden fur of a lioness, and the striking features of a human woman, with long hair and a regal bearing. She had a pair of wings that could be folded behind her back, and a long tail with a tuft of hair at the end. She was covered in a luxurious golden fur, that shimmered in the light and added to her majestic appearance.


As Max felt the changes in his body, he found himself struggling to maintain his balance. His body felt heavier and more cumbersome than before and he found himself falling to all fours. He could feel his spine elongating and his legs growing stronger


As the transformation continued, he could feel his body growing larger and heavier. He could feel scales forming on his skin, wings on his back, and claws grew from his fingers. His vision became more acute, and he could see details from far away. He felt his body temperature rising and he knew he could breathe fire. His spine elongated and his legs grew stronger.


As his hands change into talons. He could feel his fingers becoming shorter and thicker, and his nails growing into sharp claws. He could feel the bones in his hands shifting and reorganising, forming a new structure that would allow him to move more efficiently on all fours.


He could feel his body growing smaller, his scales becoming softer and more delicate. His wings grew smaller and more refined. He noticed that his chest grew bigger and he could feel a new sensation in his body. He realised that his dragon form had changed from a dragon into a dragoness.


Max was now a massive dragoness with shimmering scales and powerful wings. She could feel her new body's strength and power, and she knew that she would have to learn how to control it. She felt a sense of awe and excitement but also a sense of uncertainty as she was not used to this kind of body and the new capabilities it had.


As Sophia felt the transformation taking place, she found herself struggling to maintain her balance. She fell to all fours as she could feel her spine elongating and her legs growing stronger. She could feel her lower body contorting and shifting, her hands changing into hooves along with her hind legs.


Sophia looked over to Seth, and she could see the shock and confusion etched on his face as he looked down at his new body. They both had human heads and chests, but their bodies were now those of animals.


This would quickly change however. As the transformation continued her neck stretched to form a new chest. This was followed by new shoulders along with hands. While Sohpia was glad to have hand again this was weighed against her realisation that she was now male


At first, Dave was confused, wondering why he was the only one who hadn't changed, but as the thoughts in his body progressed, he realised that he had become a Selkie. He was excited about the new power that his body brought, but he was worried about his seal skin being stolen, as it was the only thing that would allow him to change back to human form.


Mike's transformation was extensive, and the changes to his body were dramatic. His body grew larger and heavier, as his waist reshaped and forced him onto all fours. His most striking change was the reshaping of his head into that of a wolf. As he attempted to speak, he realised that his vocal cords had also undergone a change and the only sound he could produce was a bark. This sudden and complete change of his physical form and loss of his voice was a shock to him, and he struggled to come to terms with it.

Written by ChatGPT on 16 January 2023

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