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You're by the city now, and you stop. You can't just run in there, they'll shoot you too. Large booted feet clunk against the ground. You stay against the wall, hiding from the human close by. He's on your left, so you peek around the right corner, no one. You sneak that way. Having no idea where they keep him, you peek in through the first window. Inside is dark, no one is home. The clunks of booted feet against tiles are getting louder, someone is nearing you. Hastily you run behind the house, but the loud crunches of the snow under your bare feet attract the person's attention.


Something that sounds like a warning can be heard. It's in another language. His voice is definitely male. Deep and rough, his words are almost like growls. A quick flash of the growling wolf you met weeks ago appears in your mind, and you're reminded of your purpose, to save the young man you call your friend. Carefully you sneak to the next house, letting the darkness be your cover. He doesn't notice you. There's light in the next window, but no sign of your friend. A slight panic arises in your chest, making you unable to breathe. What if you can't find him in time? You run to the next house, the feeling of panic growing too strong. You jump up to look into the window of the next house without thinking. A child is looking back at you. A small boy with bright blonde hair, and wide green eyes. He seems like he's frozen in shock, before a loud wail sounds. Your heart stops, and your mind goes blank. One foot moves to start running before large hands are on your arms, and they're twisted behind your back.


The man who's got you says something in a low, threatening voice, and you can feel your hands shake uncontrollably. He yells, and multiple men appear. You try to shake them off, you bite and claw and flap your wings but it's to no avail. They laugh at your attempts. One particularly large man takes your arms, still twisted behind your back, and pushes you forward. You try to resist, dig your heels into the ground and scream but it's to no use. Eventually you accept your fate and go limp. His muscles twitch as he picks you up and throws you over his shoulder.


Doors are open all over the small village- women, children and men watching you with curious eyes. You damn them all to hell, yelling and screaming and cursing at them. They don't seem affected by it at all. You're carried through the village, hanging limp off of the large man’s shoulder. It feels like an eternity before you reach a larger building. There's no windows, and as you're carried inside you see that there are no lights either. There smells of rot and death, and blood you realise after a sniff.

Written by AnxiousRomeo on 19 October 2017

In the cell

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