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Her eyes kept wandering, her tail flicking in confusion as she saw David going to get some drinks for himself. Pammy walked into the dance floor eyeing the long haired muscled guy. She turned her head, now glancing away from the dance floor and into her drink. Taking one final sip from her plastic glass, Danielle decided she needed to take some air first.


With just a few more tail pulls and ass grabs she made her way to the exit, breathing in the cold night air and feeling the silence that seemed so strange after the loud music inside.


She took a few steps and closed her eyes. The longer Danielle walked, the more she realized the conflict inside of her, she craved the excitement of a night out, but there was a part of her that seemed to scream that she shouldn’t been out having fun, but looking for a solution for her situation. Stopping in front of yet another warehouse, the neon lights and music humming within seemed to call for her, to make any worry fade away. This was exactly what she needed.


Danielle spun around, coming face to face with a strange man with the ears of a rabbit. She took a moment to perceive he wasn’t entirely human, but just like her he seemed to be an anthropomorphic rabbit. His hair was dyed pink and he had red eyes like a rabbit. The guy was incredibly skinny, dressed in leather pants and a tight white tank top. He checked his watch, then cringed. “Sorry! I’m so late!”


“That’s okay.” Danielle barely got the words out when the young rabbit pushed past her and bolted for an alley a block down. “Hey, where are you going? Is there a good club down there?”


“No time to chat!” And he ran around the corner.


Staring at the spot where he’d been seconds before, Danielle gave her head a shake. “You’re kidding me?”


Well, now she had to know what the hell was down there. If nothing else, maybe the man could help her understand what had happened and how she could go back to normal!

Written by Ashley-natter on 25 February 2018

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