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Fully awake now you try to remember the parameters from your last jump and when you can jump again.


As you feel the bones shifting you are forced onto your hands. Before your eyes they change, your nails stretching out into claws. You try to get up but it appears that your waist had reshaped itself trapping you on all fours.


You look back to your feet seeing your feet changed into paws as well. Not only that but the change is moving up your arms and legs, reshaping them into animal legs.


Your spine extends with a furry tail wagging behind you.


To your shock you feel between your hind legs a pulling sensation and you are no longer male.


The fur continues to spread from your hind legs, spreading forward meeting the fur coming from your front legs.


Your neck is the next to change with a new pair of shoulders forming and pushing up forming a new chest. And looking down you spot bumps that are growing larger, a number of pairs of breasts.


From the new shoulders a pair of arms form. The hands not quite hands but not paws like your feet.


Your head is the last to change. Mouth and nose stretching out into a muzzle with the teeth becoming pointed. Ears becoming pointed and moving to the top of the head.


The mirror in the room shows your new body. A female wolf taur.


As you look in the mirror the rest of the room starts to change as well...

Written by catprog on 12 March 2016

The end (for now)
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