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Stepping into the cubby, she did her best to ignore her pounding heart and the fact that this was a terrible idea. Volk reached out and put his hand on the handle.


“The thing to remember with this club is the need for you to keep an open mind.”


Danielle nodded, not understanding at all. But she could do that. No problem.


“You’re going to see many different people inside, some that don’t even show themselves in the daylight. It’s a very private place. They’re baring their souls in here. Are you sure you are able to handle something like that?”


“I still don’t know what that is.”


“Chrysalid is a club that caters to particular tastes, people that have been changed or transformed in any way. They have special accommodations and recipes in there that will cater to whatever new shape or form you could have or desire. Just be careful of the games and rules inside.”
Danielle nodded.


He pushed open the door and turned sideways, giving Danielle room to walk by. “Go on.”


The corridor was lit by the occasional pot light in the ceiling. The air was cool, giving her welcome relief from the persistent warm humidity outside.


The hallway turned around itself, blocking any kind of vision or sound to come through, giving her no indication as to where she was going or what she’d find when she eventually got there. When she rounded a curve, she finally saw an opening at the end, leading out to a large room. There was a soft rhythm that reached her, it sounded like old melodies, but as if made by strange instruments that were played by inhuman fingers.


Approaching the end, Danielle stepped out into the main room. The warehouse space was wide open, with a series of bays around the sides that offered a modicum of privacy for the people sitting on the tables.


Written by Ashley-natter on 17 March 2018


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