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You are standing by a tree star star star emptystar emptystar

There are 3 paths.


One appears to go to a jungle,
one appears to go to a cave,
one appears to go to a beach,
you could try and climb the tree,
there is a nearby shop you could go in,
or you could do something else.


So what's its going to be?

Illustrated by Catprog

Written by catprog on 01 April 2003

You walk towards the jungle star star star emptystar emptystar

All of a sudden the path collapses behind you. Luckily you can still continue to the jungle.


As you do you start to grow orange fur with black stripes. You feel an enjoyable sensation as the wind rushes through your fur.


Teeth fill your mouth, so big they grow out like a sabre-toothed tiger's teeth.


Your nose and mouth then catch up. You watch as your new muzzle takes up the middle of your field of vision. Your brain is assaulted with lots of new smells.


As your ears grow pointy your hearing improves.


Meanwhile the rest of your body is changing too. You have a tail and have been forced onto 4 legs.


As look at yourself, you realise you're now a tiger.


Illustrated by DisneyStock

Written by catprog on 01 April 2003

Hunting star halfstar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You notice a large antelope and your stomach grumbles. You decide to hunt the antelope and start a wild dash after the antelope

Illustrated by Della-Stock

Written by Cat on 14 May 2003

Kristine emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Kristine “Kris” Thompson hovered about the small area with three potential paths that lay before her, feeling a wave of uncertainty bubble up in her stomach. Not only did the clearing seem new to her - she’d certainly never seen a tree that massive in the New York suburb she lived in, let alone a massive tree next to an odd, nondescript shop - yet the air around seemed… thicker, maybe, tinted with the sensation she was being watched.


“Is someone there?” Kris called out.


She waited. There was no answer.


It wasn’t dead silent where she stood, thankfully (being in a weird place with silence would’ve been too unnerving, she felt). No, she could hear and feel the wind against her skin, and she could heard birds and woodland creatures doing their business all around, enough that it didn’t feel TOO unsafe.


Of course, despite the fact she didn’t feel threatened or like she might get lost, she was still coming to terms with the fact the weird trail she’d found while out walking led to this clearing, where three completely different areas presented themselves to her. All three had obvious signs indicating them, too, with neat, yet somewhat aged handwriting.


‘But who wrote them?’ she pondered. She’d always been a curious gal.


Maybe it was whomever owned the quaint little shop hovering not far from where she stood. Kris took a few steps toward it and eyed the shop - the windows were covered by thick curtains and the door gave no sign of being open right now. She frowned. Maybe it was someone else entirely.


“Well…” Kris glanced back the way she’d come. The winding trail that led her to this area was still there, waiting in case she decided to turn around. That was something, she supposed, and yet, she couldn’t bring herself to turn around. Not right now, anyways. She wanted… she wanted to keep going.


She sighed and mulled over the options - the forest, the beach, or the cave.


“Let’s see,” she said to herself. “Dark, creepy cave? No thanks. Beach? I mean, I’m not dressed for the beach, so…” She shrugged this off. “That leaves…”


Oh, she knew she could try to climb the tree, but Kris wasn’t one for extreme heights. And while the shop was an option, there was something OFF about the building - how it was so plain and unassuming, how there was no indication it was even open. She didn’t trust it.


Even though she felt like she was in a strange dream as she lingered in the clearing, Kris knew otherwise. She also knew she had plenty of time to kill for the day since she’d finished her college courses. So, taking that into consideration, the idea of exploring a forest enticed her the most. After all, she’d gone for a walk to enjoy some quiet time in nature - she was tired of being bored and feeling lonely in her dorm room.


“I just hope this doesn’t lead to me getting mugged,” she muttered under her breath, and adding, “or worse.”

Written by Hollowpages on 02 February 2020

Forest emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

With that, she turned and started down the trail that led to the forest.


The trail itself started off much like the one she’d taken that led her to the clearing, with a handful of trees about. Yet, as she continued on, the trees began growing in size and in number. Within five minutes of strolling down the - admittedly clean - path, Kris found herself walking in what felt like an actual forest. The air was cool, the breeze continued, and the sounds of chirping or singing birds and other woodland animals didn’t stop.


“Jeez,” she muttered. “Is this the national park? That would make sense.”


Even so, as she continued on, she couldn’t help but think that the scope of the forested area was grander than she expected from a national park. There weren’t any other people about, and the path felt so linear, she expected to see joggers, cyclists, and the like. Yet she saw none - it was just here, walking down an empty, clean path.


‘Maybe I should go back,’ she mused. She wasn’t the bravest of people, and though she knew she had left for her walk a little after twelve, nothing good would come about her wandering through the forest and getting lost…


Funnily enough, not long after Kris considered this, she saw yet another split in the path ahead of her. This time, however, it was a simple fork in the road - two paths, one that went left, and one that went right. And there in the middle of the split - big and hard to ignore - was a wooden sign, with words carved into it.


‘But do I need to read it?’ she wondered. ‘I mean, this isn’t a jungle or some Indiana Jones movie, so… Hmm.’


Curious, yes, she was this. Indecisive… she was also that, too, unfortunately. The two did not work well together, which was probably why she was worried she would get lost - Kris knew herself well enough to know she would likely stop at some split in the road or some other place to make a choice, and she’d stand there, thinking for a good hour before making the decision.


‘Damn it, brain, stop it,’ she thought.


As she neared, she began to ponder: did she want to read and see if it told her anything of value, or, did she just want to pick one way without bothering?




Though Kris knew she could’ve easily continued and seen what lay one way - or both were she so inclined - her own curiosity and her sense of caution got the better of her. She sighed and opted to read the sign when she got to it.


After another minute of casually strolling, she arrived.


The sign appeared more ornate up close than she’d given it credit for, though the words were very large and sort of blocky. She couldn’t tell if someone wrote them by hand first, then took a knife to dig into the sign, or if someone was very skilled at carving a fairly large amount of words. She blinked several times. There were two small paragraphs on the side, one on the left, and one on the right with little arrows indicating their respective directions.


‘Someone must think the people that see this are a stupid,’ she mused.


With a shrug, Kris read the first part on the left aloud. “Go left, and you will find your heart’s innermost yearning - a child blessed by the wild, waiting for one with heart tender and mild. Though their body might be feral, they’ll bind to keep you safe through any peril. So come and you alone they shall claim, so come and their essence will you tame. Choose this path to find your heart’s ferocious love, and discover what freedom’s passion is truly made of.”


When she finished, she paused to absorb this information. If she could even CALL it actual information, since it didn’t really give her very much at all about what happened to be to the left path. Kris frowned to herself and crossed her arms. Her mind raced, as it often did, and she mulled this paragraph over.


“What the hell is this, a nature poem?” she mumbled under her breath.


No one was around, and whenever she was alone and certain no one was in ear shot, she would often talk to herself - it helped her think. And this… whatever it was, certainly needed some thought.


“None of that made any sense,” Kris said, nodding as she spoke. “I mean, seriously? ‘Child blessed by the wild,’ ‘body might be feral…’ Sheesh, it’s like they’re trying to tell me I’ll run into half-naked people living in the trees.”


Now granted, Kris did consider the possibility there might be an indigenous tribe in the area, or perhaps homeless folks taking shelter in the woods. Even so, she expected the sign to spell these details out - and it did no such thing.


‘Okay, so what’s the other side say?’


She shook her head and glanced at the other paragraph. “Go right, and you will find your mind’s innermost learning - a trial born within the isle, hoping to make your dreary life worthwhile. Though it might appear quite hard, should you keep your sense on guard, this challenge will leave your eyes starred. So come and you can test your wit, so come and with it raise your spirit. Choose this path to find your brain’s desire, and with it alight the dullness on fire.”


When she finished reading this, Kris could only gawk a little at the bizarre display. To her, it seemed like someone was trying to be poetic and clever at the same time in writing these, but they didn’t exactly do the best of jobs.


“Weird,” she muttered. “If these are supposed to be directions telling me what I’ll end up with one way or the other, they really friggin’ stink. I mean, Christ. I’m no nature guide, but even I know how to describe potential dangers.”


Kris didn’t see herself as someone who was dense - she wasn’t the smartest in her classes, she knew, but she wasn’t a slouch, either. She’d taken enough critical thinking classes in her day to know that there was SOME sort of meaning and significance woven into all this. But damn, did she not really know how to understand what they were going on about.


“I mean, love? Trials?” Her lips pursed. “Awfully big stuff to be throwing at some random person walking through the forest like this.”


She paused and peered behind her, back toward the direction with the initial clearing and the shop. She wondered if the shopkeeper or some worker there was responsible for all this. Yet, Kris knew that was neither here or there.


“Besides,” she said to herself, reasoning her choice out as though she were speaking to someone else, “if I go back and see who might be there, that’s more time wasted. I don’t really feel like going back… not yet, anyways.”


She turned her attention back to the sign. Kris paused and checked her cell phone - it was at 96% with the battery saver option, and she’d made damn sure to text her parents and a few good friends about her going for a walk. The connection was still fine, which helped ease her.


Ultimately, she knew that even with the sign’s strange attempt at rhyming poetry - or directions she supposed, crappy as they were - she was faced with another decision to make, since the only thing Kris knew was that this was starting to be quite the time killer, as dreamlike as the whole ordeal was.


She put her phone away and mulled her options over.


Did she go left to see what all the ‘love’ talk was about or did she go right to find out what the ‘mental trial’ business was trying to say?

Written by Hollowpages on 03 February 2020

Left Path emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

After taking a good few minutes to weigh the two choices over, and taking an extra moment to send a text to her Mom and her closest friend May - and she made certain to be clear about going for a walk, finding a new path, and that she was going deeper in, and yes, she’d be careful. Once the text messages sent for sure, she wound up deciding she would take the left path.


“Okay,” she said to herself, bracing her mind for what lay ahead for her. She took one step, then another, and then began to follow the new path.


‘I hope this one is the right choice,’ she thought. After all, the whole spiel it went on about love and romance and passion…


Kris didn’t know what she felt about it, in truth. She’d never been fortunate enough to have a relationship that lasted longer than a couple weeks, or a few months at the very most. Sure, she’d dated a few guys, dated two gals, and though they’d been a mixed bag in general, Kris hadn’t walked away feeling abused or misused or anything negative. They’d all been decent in some way - but things never clicked enough for both Kris and those ex-flames of hers.


‘I mean, they were all brief,’ she added internally. ‘I don’t think I’ve had an actual date for about two years now. Three years? Something like that.’


She supposed if she HAD to consider it, deep down, she did want someone that would last - a meaningful love, a meaningful relationship. But what sort of person she wanted most? Kris wasn’t entirely sure, if she were being honest.


Her lips pursed. Kris began to think.


For whatever reason, as she began to walk down the forested trail she’d chosen, getting deeper into it, her mind started to fill with questions about love and what she wanted most in love. The questions and thoughts seemed to come from nowhere - it was like something just sort of nudged these things into her head, and they began to fill her brain with each step she took.


‘Well, I guess…’ She mulled it over.


For one thing, Kris had to be honest: she was openly bisexual, and had been since her teenage years, yet she felt more strongly about women than men. She’d always been more attracted to women - especially tall women. Throw in a fit physique with a tall woman, and give her boyish hair… and oof, she thought, was she probably going to be admiring that woman.


Her cheeks warmed. She cracked a tiny smile.


She’d always preferred more feminine-looking men - long hair, soft features, closer to her petite height - and more masculine-looking women. She couldn’t help it, it was just what she was more into. But that was appearance. Beneath appearance, with personality, Kris wanted someone who could match her in the areas she felt she wanted to be matched in.


‘Someone passionate about something in life, regardless if it’s a job or a hobby or even just relaxing,’ she thought, ticking down a mental box without even having to be prompted to. ‘Someone that likes to be curious the way I do, but maybe wiser. Strong? I guess. Kind. Playful. Jesus, I’m horrible at this.’


Kris sighed again. Despite being twenty-four, and in college, she was still having a hard time figuring her own self out. For the last few years, she felt like she’d been stuck in this dull, gray circle of stagnant living - it didn’t help that she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, and her small circle of loved ones didn’t exactly make matters any easier for her.


She brushed a hand through her hair, breathing in deep - the smells of the forest were strong, filled with the scents of grass, dirt, and something that just screamed ‘woodsy’ to her. Potent, yet, still very pleasant smells.


Her mother was a more traditional-minded woman. The sort who wanted her to get a job, then meet a man, get married, have children, and be a caretaker at home for said children. She was supportive of Kris going to college, and a good mother, of course, but she didn’t really seem to have the same level of faith in Kris doing anything ‘big’ in her life. And her father? He was more liberal in those things, sure, yet even he was much the same with traditional thoughts.


Maybe it was their lack of pushing her and their lack of openness to her pursuing anything that really put a dampen on her trying. She wished she could say she was an artist or a baker or a writer or SOMETHING, but she didn’t know what she excelled at. She only knew she was curious, and that she was hoping to find the answers by going to college.


‘Focus, Kris,’ she told herself. ‘Let’s see where this path of so-called love leads…’


No sooner did the thought leave her mind did she hear a noise - a very loud noise, like some kind of… growl or roar? It was rumbling, guttural, and definitely not human, and Kris’ first thought was that she’d stumbled onto a wild animal that would try to maul her. Yet when it happened again, she heard it clearer and… it sounded like a pained noise all the same, like some sort of animal that was in a lot of pain.


She froze in place. Her heart started to pick up in speed. The noise came from her right, deeper into the trees. She stared at the direction, feeling frightened and unsure all the same.


‘What the hell?’ she thought.


The noise came again, ripping through the air and practically echoing in her ears. She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat. Did she want to investigate? Or did she want to keep going, preferably at a faster speed?

Written by Hollowpages on 04 February 2020

To the Noise emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Kris stood there, stuck in place when she heard the painful snarling noise once again. Her mind told her that running the hell away would be the smart thing to do, and yet, her heart felt that maybe seeing what it was would be better. That, along with her own curious nature overtaking her, spurred her into making her choice. She groaned inwardly at her own flaws, then moved toward the source of the noise - at a cautious and measured pace, of course.


After a few careful moments of entering and then walking through the thick forest - her heart thudding heavily in her ears, and her stomach in knots over what was likely a reckless and stupid decision - Kris soon came upon the source of the noise.


At first, she stopped and stared.


Her eyes felt like they were seeing things, so she rubbed them, making sure she wasn’t. Yet it became clear that, no, she wasn’t seeing things. There was a person a few yards ahead of her - a person on the ground, looking trapped and in immense pain. But what had her astounded wasn’t the fact it was obviously a person - it was the fact the person didn’t LOOK like a normal person.


Kris took a few gradual steps more, taking in the physique of the… person?


It appeared to be a woman based on the shape, Kris could see that. Yet the woman also seemed to have… fur. Fur that had several spots on it, in fact, and that was alongside pointy ears. And when the person… woman… whatever, took notice of Kris, it looked up and stared at her. Kris gasped to herself.


Their eyes were human, yet slanted in shape, with slit-like pupils with a pale orange color that looked more like a feline’s than a person’s. Their nose was a slender, but otherwise normal nose, and those pointed ears. However, they also had a few spots across their face, including one around their right eye. And their face that was angled and sharp in its features, with high cheekbones, a pointed chin. It was like a mixing of human and catlike features.


Kris gawked. For a moment, she considered that the person was a cosplayer - weird as it sounded, her logical side could reason this over since the person did in fact look like they were cosplaying a Thundercat or maybe the DC Comics villain, Cheetah. But it became very clear to her when the woman growled at her, an actual low, booming growl at that - along with baring her very sharp, glistening teeth - that no, this wasn’t a cosplayer. The person legitimately did look like… like some sort of hybrid.


“What are you staring at?” the cat woman said. Her voice was low and a little raspy, yet it carried a strangely… husky quality that Kris found… nice.


Kris snapped out of her daze. A voice meant it was a person, either way.


She then saw what the issue was: the cat-looking woman’s right leg was caught in some sort of snare, and so was her right arm - the snare was long and twisting, like some sort of bear trap that turned into a rope. It was stuck in a nearby tree’s roots, which made for a tangle of things everywhere.


“Uh, do you, um, want a hand?” Kris asked, gesturing to the mess of metal ropes. “I’m not an expert at untying or anything, but I could probably help…?”


The weird cat-looking woman stared at her. “And do you really want to help me? You, looking so frightened and confused? No offense, but, I doubt you could.” Her eyes seemed to gleam - boring into Kris with such intensity, it was like they might pierce her actual body. “You don’t look like you belong here. I’d be going if I were you, lest you get yourself… hurt. I’ll manage this somehow.”


She punctuated this with another low, deep growl that sounded like it belonged from a tiger or some other big cat. Then, she went back to thrashing and trying to free herself, yet it wasn’t going to work sine half her body was trapped, and she had no way of angling her free arm over to even begin to untangle herself.


Kris swallowed the lump that formed in her throat.


The words weren’t so much threatening her - she could feel it - but there was a clear caution underlying them. So now she was stuck with the choice: did she want to help the odd cat woman, or, did she take her advice and leave?

Written by Hollowpages on 05 February 2020

Help Her emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

‘Now what do I do?’ Kris wondered. She couldn’t take her eyes away.


Watching the display of the woman struggling to free herself - and hearing the pained undertone to the strange woman’s grumbling - struck at a part of Kris. Deep within her, she felt a wave of… sensation she’d never felt before, and she was overcome with the urge to help this woman, even if she looked different and sounded menacing.


Besides, what did it say about her as a human being if she abandoned someone in need? She wasn’t the smartest or the strongest, sure, but Kris felt like she could do something.


“You really just going to watch?” the woman asked. “I told you. Leave me be.”


Kris clicked her teeth together. “And let you suffer?”


“I appreciate the concern,” the woman said. “But it isn’t your business to worry about me. Be sensible, and just go. I’ll live.”


Kris shook her head. Her heart was thudding heavier now.


Without a word, she moved to the ensnared side, and started looking over the metal ropes digging into the woman’s fur-covered body. She could see a little blood here and there from cuts, but, she ignored those, and instead found a loose enough rope for her to grab onto. She did so and started to tug at it, locating a way to help get it off the woman.


The odd woman stopped and eyed her, watching with those feral, catlike eyes.


“Suit yourself,” she muttered.


Kris focused only on trying to untangle the rope - it was cold and thick and heavy, definitely like it was made from metal - but she was able to work around it, even with the taller frame of the Thundercat lady. It took a good bit of time, yet eventually, she was able to untangle a good portion of the rope, just enough that she was able to remove part of it from the woman’s bound arm.


This seemed to surprise the woman. She moved her arm, and with Kris’ help, she was able to pull her arm free from the rope. When she’d done this, she was able to turn her body, enough that she could sit upright.


“Finally,” she muttered, flexing and wriggling her right arm and hand about. She turned to stare at Kris. “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome…” Kris replied.


The strange woman gently nudged Kris aside before untangling her leg from the same ropes. She did this much quicker than Kris could’ve, and, after a few minutes, she was free. She pushed herself away from the ropes and managed to stand. Kris did the same, and was taken aback by how tall the woman was.


“I’ve been trapped in those stinking things for goddamned HOURS now,” the woman said. She cracked her neck and her shoulders before she stopped. “Oh. Right. I forgot about blood loss.”


Kris frowned. “What do you…?”


But the woman teetered and then just plain collapsed onto the ground before Kris could finish speaking. Kris yelped, then crouched down beside the woman, who was definitely unconscious. She stared at her for a moment before her brain kicked into high gear.


Now what, she wondered, glancing about.


She knew she could stay and wait for the woman to wake up. She could try to find help if she ran fast enough to the shop she’d passed. She could even try to tend to the woman’s wounds herself, if she were daring enough.


She had to make a decision either way, and ideally a fast one.

Written by Hollowpages on 06 February 2020

The store emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Kris struggled to decide what it was she wanted to do, but, deep down, she wasn’t the sort of person to just abandon someone in need, even if said person was probably not the sanest given all the weird surgeries they must’ve had to end up looking like a real life Thundercat. Yet even with that taken into consideration, Kris wasn’t a nurse. She needed help. So, she opted to combine two options into one.


‘I just hope this works,’ she thought.


With a sigh, she scrambled to try and move the woman - the woman was taller and just plain bigger than she was with muscle mass, but, Kris was able to pull her over to a nearby tree. She propped the woman up, then checked the wounds: the woman was bleeding from several cuts in the right leg and right arm, likely from her attempts at trying to free herself.


Kris’ lips twitched.


She was fortunate enough to have brought a jacket with her, and, though she didn’t like the thought from a personal and hygienic level, she swallowed that down and removed it, then tied her jacket around the cat woman’s right leg, since that was the area bleeding the most. She knew enough to know that would help. Somewhat.


“Please don’t die on me, lady,” Kris muttered, more to herself than anything.


Once she was finished, tying her jacket over the woman’s leg, Kris stood up and, after casting a lingering gaze about the area, started moving.


She started with a brisk jog back to the pathway she’d been walking on in the first place - and was glad to see it hadn’t magically vanished on her, even though she knew that wasn’t possible. Yet she shoved these thoughts away and instead began moving at a quicker pace, not a full run, yet definitely close to it, booking it down the way she’d come from, down the clear, oddly empty trail in some internal hope that shop would be open still, and be able to help.


She was fortunate for two things while she moved - the first being that she’d worn comfortable running enough shoes for running, and the second being that, despite her usual lax nature, she wasn’t TOO out of shape where she’d end up losing her breath too fast.


‘I can’t believe I’m doing this,’ she thought as she ran, bypassing the fork in the road with the sign that didn’t tell her anything about her choices.


It took a few minutes for her to finally leave the forested area, and, another few minutes on top of that to get to the large clearing she’d come upon. Kris came to a stop then to catch her breath - her cheeks were flush, and she was breathing harder, but, overall, she was in fine enough shape from the running.


The shop was still where she’d left it, still looking quaint and nondescript and so severely out of place where it was. Yet Kris had no choice. She swallowed her own reservations and walked up to it, pausing only briefly to grasp the doorknob to see if it would even turn. It did, and, Kris pulled the door open and entered the shop.


Upon entering, Kris’ eyes widened. The interior wasn’t what she’d pictured.


The inside of the store, for one thing, seemed a hell of a lot bigger than it did on the outside. The first room stretched out longer than she felt possible given how small and normal-sized it appeared. Its walls were a strange mix of colors - they started off bluish on one end, then began to shift to purple, then green, and as the walls wrapped around, the colors continued to change to yellow, orange, and red, before turning blue again. It was… certainly eclectic, she thought. Otherwise, it was quite cozy. It had windows with opened curtains to let the sunlight in, there was a ceiling fan spinning above her, and there were a handful of potted plants and even a few cozy chairs on each side.


‘It feels more like someone’s house than a shop,’ she mused.


But the other thing that was strange to Kris was that, across from her, there were three doors. One was in the blue section on the left. One was in the green section on the right. And the other was at the center, in the purple section; all three were snugly placed in their respective color areas.


Fortunately, Kris realized that the doors were labeled.


The left hand door had “Traveling Supplies” on it. The right hand door was labeled “Health Supplies.” And the final door was called “Survival Supplies.”


Her lips twitched. What sort of weird store was this where it had three doors in the main room, rather than, you know, an actual store? She was beginning to wonder if this was a poor decision to make, and yet, she couldn’t risk going back empty-handed when there was someone obviously injured not far from her.


“Damn it,” she muttered.


Thus, she was left with three choices. Kris could take the traveling door and see if there were any first-aid kits or other essentials available there. Or, she could go right for the obvious and pick the health door - health had to mean essentials for scrapes and bruises, right? And yet, she couldn’t help but wonder what might be beyond the survival door. Kris scowled, thinking.


‘Don’t all three kind of go hand-in-hand?’ she wondered. Even so, she had to pick fast.

Written by Hollowpages on 07 February 2020

Survival Supplies emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Weighing the decisions in her brain took a good moment, but, ultimately Kris thought that she could always check behind one door, then if nothing was there, try one of the others. She did wonder where the store owner was, yet she hoped they would be around to help when she chose a door.


Kris chose the door labeled “Survival Supplies,” since to her, that, logically, included the things that might be helpful right now. Plus, she didn’t want to take too long lest the woman bleed out or something.


Kris walked through the center door and found herself entering a rather cozy shop that looked like an actual store this time. Well. Sort of.


The entire room was decked out in purple - royal purple walls tinged with lavender surrounded her, with the scent of lavender in the air. This, combined with smooth jazz music playing overhead, and the overall design of the room made it feel like she was in a classical music store or a coffee shop, rather than a store room with ‘survival supplies’ being sold.


Fortunately, she caught sight of a person walking about, someone who looked like they might be an owner or THE owner, or a worker, she hoped.


“Um, excuse me?” Kris said. “Sir?”


The person stopped and spun about, revealing a slightly tall, lean man who appeared to be in his mid-to-late-twenties. He was dressed extremely fashionably - like a gentleman out of an old British movie, including a top hat, a cane, and a suit from head to toe. All dark-purple, though his undershirt was white. Kris was a bit surprised, and would’ve expected him to be much older were it not for the youthful face with pale skin and neat brown hair poking out from under the fancy top hat.


“Ah, a customer!” he said.


He seemed to glide across the floor over to Kris, moving with a grace that struck her as far too fluid for a normal person. He stopped before her and smiled - a rather broad, toothy smile, flashing gleaming teeth. His features were thin and angular, jagged almost, Kris noticed, and his eyes seemed almost orange in color. Either was, it was… unsettling for her, to say the least.


“Welcome, welcome,” he said, speaking with a smooth voice, tinged by a faint accent of some kind. “It isn’t very often we get customers out here.”


Kris rubbed the back of her neck. She felt… small before the man. “Oh, uh, well. I wasn’t entirely sure…”


“What room to pick when you entered?” he finished. His smile dropped and he tutted. “Believe me, I know. This shop is run by myself and my two older sisters - older sister one runs the door to the left,” he pointed with his cane, “and the eldest runs the one to the right.” He rolled his eyes, then grinned again, a grin that stretched a little too wide across his face. “We tend to bicker a lot about it.”


Kris nodded, swallowing the lump that formed in her throat.


“Do pardon any unease you might feel with me,” the man said, as if he knew what she was feeling. He cocked his head to the side. “I am known to give off a ‘creepy’ vibe, but I assure you, I mean no harm.” He paused, cleared his throat, and bowed as he removed his hat. “I am Vance, my dear.”


“I’m Kris,” Kris said, a little shakily.


Vance nodded. “Pleasure to meet you, Kris. Now then, rather than leer at you - and trust me, I am aware, but I cannot help how I look - do let me know what it is you’re looking for, hmm?”


He glided across the floor a few steps, then waited for her.


Kris’ mind kicked in. “Well, I was walking down the path--”


“The forest path?” Vance asked, sounding curious.


“Y-yes, the forest path,” Kris said.


He gave another nod. “That tends to be the choice this time of year. Only the braver souls opt to climb that big eyesore of a tree growing close to our quaint little mess of a store, or go through the cave.” He twirled his cane about. “Apologies. Do continue.”


Kris brushed a hand through her hair. This guy was something else. “I came across a… person while I was walking. She looks like a cosplayer, or, I dunno, one of those people that gets surgeries to look more like an animal?” She shrugged. “But she was trapped in some kind of rope, and, she’s free now, but also sort of hurt.”


“Ahhh, yes, yes,” Vance said. “You’ve come here for medical supplies.”


“Yes,” Kris replied. “I just wasn’t sure which, uh, door to pick.”


“We don’t make it easy for potential customers,” Vance said with a shrug. “But when your business is run by three headstrong siblings that can never agree on even the proper color for the walls, it’s bound to be problematic. Either way!”


He hopped over a counter and began sifting about. Kris hadn’t even looked around at the contents of the store, yet she walked up to the counter first, stopping and waiting. After a moment, Vance stood up and set weird vial onto the counter before Kris, like a little potion bottle from a fantasy game. The bottle was green, yet the liquid inside seemed to glow… light purple.


Vance grinned. “In my shop, I don’t have any first-aid materials, I’m afraid. But what I do have is this lovely tonic you see before you. Home-brewed, devoid of any unsavory materials, non-alcoholic, and a money back guarantee that it’ll do the job. You can listen to me explain what my concoction can do. Or, you’re welcome to ask one of my sisters - one of them might have something more beneficial if you hurry and ask. What do you think, Kris?”

Written by Hollowpages on 08 February 2020

Healing Potion emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Kris hesitated while she mulled this over. The potion before her looked like something out of a video game, but, the fact this weird man was trying to sell this off as if they could help her raised a whole lot of red flags. She was skeptical they would do much good for someone who was bleeding, after all.


‘And no way in hell do I buy into that essential oil healing crap,’ she thought.


But then, she considered if he was this weird, his sisters were likely the same. And she had no way of knowing if they even sold anything that could help.


Vance’s head tilted to the other side, his eyes studying her. “You seem concerned I may be a charlatan. A fair consideration, mind you. I don’t look, nor sound, like the typical salesperson. And, yes, I can see why presenting a suspicious-looking potion as a means of helping might be… odd.”


He sucked his teeth, and spun his cane about. “However, you also seem like you’re on borrowed time. I am afraid this little trinket is all I have available, though you could glance about were you so inclined. I have no interest in cheating you, though, or lying.” He gave a shrug. “So, what do you say?”


Kris groaned inwardly. “What is this, exactly? And how will they help her?”


“This potion is a mix of several herbs, several spices, a few nutrients,” Vance said, like he’d answered the question hundreds of times, “some vitamins, yes, and a few… useful essences, all extracted with care.” He winked. “To put it simple: it’ll help with bleeding by speeding up the coagulation process.”


Kris dithered, but, reminded herself she didn’t have the time. “How much?”


Vance stroked his chin. “Five bucks. No tax, no change.”


“That’s it?” Kris asked - she was genuinely surprised.


“Like I said,” Vance replied. “I’ve no interest in cheating you.”


Kris shoved a hand into her fanny pack where her wallet rested, fished out a five dollar bill, and handed it to the man. Vance gently accepted it, then grinned and handed her the potion. Kris took it and set it into the fanny pack, securely.


“A word of advice before you leave,” Vance said. He leaned forward a little, enough to be eye level with Kris. “Whether you believe in the supernatural or paranormal, or not, be wary that things around this area are… different. I’ve had many enter this shop and tell us that they feel like they’ve entered through the proverbial doorway to Narnia, or Wonderland, or one of those other fantastical places.” He grinned toothily. “Be mindful.”


Kris blinked several times. “Uh. Thanks…?”


He chortled and straightened. “Ta ta, now. I’d be going if I were you.”


Kris felt a tinge of unease in the pit of her stomach, but, with little choice, she turned on her heel and exited the shop. In no time, she was jogging away from the weird store, and in her mind, she hoped to God she wouldn’t have to go back there anytime soon. Nice or not, that place freaked her the hell out.


Either way, Kris focused on being fast.


She ran back down the path to the forest, down to the fork in the road and went left like she had before. About ten minutes or so later, she broke out into the forested clearing where she’d found the weird, wounded cat lady. Thankfully, the cat lady was where she’d dragged her - propped against a tree.


Kris stopped before her and knelt down, then opened her fanny pack. She retrieved the weird little potion bottle and paused to eyeball it for a moment.


‘I doubt this thing will do her any good,’ she thought.


Yet as she looked at it, she noticed some instructions folded up. She unfolded them and saw they were handwritten in neat letters: and she noticed, to her surprise, that there were two different ways she could use the odd potion.


It read:


‘The contents of this potion can be of use in one of two ways, depending on the necessity. The first option is to ingest it - this will be as if ingesting an actual healing potion, only in real life. Doing so will work its way through the body and aid in speeding up the blood clotting process for external wounds.’


Kris’ lips twitched. “Okay, that’s… what he said, but then…”


‘The second option you have at your disposal for the use of this potion is to directly pour the contents of the bottle upon open wounds, bruises, or other marred areas. Do so at a slow drizzling pace to ensure its contents enter the afflicted areas - it won’t do much good to spill it or get it on yourself.’


“Snarky directions,” Kris said, scoffing. “Figures.”


‘Both options will work, but, be warned - directly pouring the contents will require the entire bottle, and though it will work quicker, it runs the risk of an external infection if you aren’t careful. Ingesting the contents will take longer, but, you will only need about two to three tablespoons worth to do the trick. This, on the flip side, means the external wound is still vulnerable. Choose wisely.’


Kris’s eyebrows knitted together. Now what did she do?


The main issue she could see - on top of all the other issues - was that the woman’s arm and leg were both injured and bleeding. If she forced it down the woman’s throat, then it would help both, supposedly. But if she poured it onto the woman’s body, then it would only help one.


‘Damn it,’ she thought. Kris needed to pick which option to use, either way.

Written by Hollowpages on 09 February 2020

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