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Kris hesitated while she mulled this over. The potion before her looked like something out of a video game, but, the fact this weird man was trying to sell this off as if they could help her raised a whole lot of red flags. She was skeptical they would do much good for someone who was bleeding, after all.


‘And no way in hell do I buy into that essential oil healing crap,’ she thought.


But then, she considered if he was this weird, his sisters were likely the same. And she had no way of knowing if they even sold anything that could help.


Vance’s head tilted to the other side, his eyes studying her. “You seem concerned I may be a charlatan. A fair consideration, mind you. I don’t look, nor sound, like the typical salesperson. And, yes, I can see why presenting a suspicious-looking potion as a means of helping might be… odd.”


He sucked his teeth, and spun his cane about. “However, you also seem like you’re on borrowed time. I am afraid this little trinket is all I have available, though you could glance about were you so inclined. I have no interest in cheating you, though, or lying.” He gave a shrug. “So, what do you say?”


Kris groaned inwardly. “What is this, exactly? And how will they help her?”


“This potion is a mix of several herbs, several spices, a few nutrients,” Vance said, like he’d answered the question hundreds of times, “some vitamins, yes, and a few… useful essences, all extracted with care.” He winked. “To put it simple: it’ll help with bleeding by speeding up the coagulation process.”


Kris dithered, but, reminded herself she didn’t have the time. “How much?”


Vance stroked his chin. “Five bucks. No tax, no change.”


“That’s it?” Kris asked - she was genuinely surprised.


“Like I said,” Vance replied. “I’ve no interest in cheating you.”


Kris shoved a hand into her fanny pack where her wallet rested, fished out a five dollar bill, and handed it to the man. Vance gently accepted it, then grinned and handed her the potion. Kris took it and set it into the fanny pack, securely.


“A word of advice before you leave,” Vance said. He leaned forward a little, enough to be eye level with Kris. “Whether you believe in the supernatural or paranormal, or not, be wary that things around this area are… different. I’ve had many enter this shop and tell us that they feel like they’ve entered through the proverbial doorway to Narnia, or Wonderland, or one of those other fantastical places.” He grinned toothily. “Be mindful.”


Kris blinked several times. “Uh. Thanks…?”


He chortled and straightened. “Ta ta, now. I’d be going if I were you.”


Kris felt a tinge of unease in the pit of her stomach, but, with little choice, she turned on her heel and exited the shop. In no time, she was jogging away from the weird store, and in her mind, she hoped to God she wouldn’t have to go back there anytime soon. Nice or not, that place freaked her the hell out.


Either way, Kris focused on being fast.


She ran back down the path to the forest, down to the fork in the road and went left like she had before. About ten minutes or so later, she broke out into the forested clearing where she’d found the weird, wounded cat lady. Thankfully, the cat lady was where she’d dragged her - propped against a tree.


Kris stopped before her and knelt down, then opened her fanny pack. She retrieved the weird little potion bottle and paused to eyeball it for a moment.


‘I doubt this thing will do her any good,’ she thought.


Yet as she looked at it, she noticed some instructions folded up. She unfolded them and saw they were handwritten in neat letters: and she noticed, to her surprise, that there were two different ways she could use the odd potion.


It read:


‘The contents of this potion can be of use in one of two ways, depending on the necessity. The first option is to ingest it - this will be as if ingesting an actual healing potion, only in real life. Doing so will work its way through the body and aid in speeding up the blood clotting process for external wounds.’


Kris’ lips twitched. “Okay, that’s… what he said, but then…”


‘The second option you have at your disposal for the use of this potion is to directly pour the contents of the bottle upon open wounds, bruises, or other marred areas. Do so at a slow drizzling pace to ensure its contents enter the afflicted areas - it won’t do much good to spill it or get it on yourself.’


“Snarky directions,” Kris said, scoffing. “Figures.”


‘Both options will work, but, be warned - directly pouring the contents will require the entire bottle, and though it will work quicker, it runs the risk of an external infection if you aren’t careful. Ingesting the contents will take longer, but, you will only need about two to three tablespoons worth to do the trick. This, on the flip side, means the external wound is still vulnerable. Choose wisely.’


Kris’s eyebrows knitted together. Now what did she do?


The main issue she could see - on top of all the other issues - was that the woman’s arm and leg were both injured and bleeding. If she forced it down the woman’s throat, then it would help both, supposedly. But if she poured it onto the woman’s body, then it would only help one.


‘Damn it,’ she thought. Kris needed to pick which option to use, either way.

Written by Hollowpages on 09 February 2020

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