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He sat up in alarm, looking down at his hands in confusion. Already, he could see that they looked different, with a slight curve forming along the edges of his fingers. As he examined them more closely, he realised that they were growing longer, and that the skin was beginning to stretch and thin out.


Panic began to set in as he realised that something was happening to him, something beyond his control. He scrambled to his feet, looking around frantically for someone, anyone, who could help him.


But there was no one in sight, and he was all alone on the deserted island. As the minutes ticked by, the changes continued, spreading throughout his body like wildfire.


He could feel his muscles shifting and shrinking, and his bones contorting into new shapes. The sensation was strange and unsettling, and he could feel himself starting to panic.


But even as the transformation progressed, he couldn't help but notice a growing sense of exhilaration. It was as if his body was expanding and changing in ways he never thought possible, and there was a new sense of power and freedom that came with it.


By the time lunchtime arrived, he was no longer the man he had been when he first arrived on the island. He had grown wings, and his skin was covered in sleek, black fur. He was becoming something new, something wild and untamed, and he knew that there was no going back.

Written by - on 02 June 2023

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