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Taking the pass you quickly head over to the lounge.
Inside you find everyone is in a fursuit. One of the tigers notices you and walks over.


“Hello, is this your first time here?” he asks the voice much deeper than yours.


Nodding you ask back “How can you tell?”


“You have the look of someone who has not realised what is special about this con yet. Let me buy you a drink and you can tell me how you got here”


He waves to a waiter “Two tiger specials” he says before taking you to one of the tables.


“Well I was at a store, found a scroll and somehow ended up at the hotel. Then I had the wrong luggage and a sprinkler went off. They gave me a pass to the lounge while they investigate though.”


The tiger grins, even through the suit. “Sounds like a rough welcome. So why did you wear a fursuit out of the room?”


You blush “Well everything else was not my style. This way I am at least hidden. I am not sure how you are meant to drink in one of these though”


The waiter returns with two saucers.


The tiger smiles to him and turns back to you “Well you see this con is special. Just follow my lead”


He leans down and starts to lap from the saucer and before your eyes the level drops.


Freezing you ask “How?”


“This convention somehow makes the costumes real. Even if you put normal clothes on it changes you to match them.”


You try to reach up and take the head off.


“You are a tigress for now” he says. “Just relax and have a drink with me. Then you can go back and turn back to normal”


Written by catprog on 25 November 2018

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